Weekend Recap

Honestly, I have nothing exciting to report about our weekend.  I just wanted to share that we survived.  Ha!

On Friday night, Vishnu and I caught up on the latest episodes of The Big Bang Theory and How to Get Away with Murder.  And that was pretty much it!

Kaiden and I held down the fort at home on Saturday while Vishnu worked a 24 hour shift.  I wish I could say we had a blast and did lots of fun things, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.  Both Kaiden and I were super congested, so there was lots of sneezing, coughing, blowing of noses, drooling (only K!), etc.

Sunday was pretty low key too.  My sister came over for a few hours.  We watched the Super Bowl and the heartbreaking This Is Us episode (I tear up just thinking about it).

If nothing else, please send some healthy thoughts our way!

Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award badge

The sweet Shoma from The Mommy Spice blog nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  With this, comes the fun responsibility of answering some questions…

What is your favorite part about blogging?
I have two – 1. the awesome community and 2. getting to use my creative side, mostly in the form of writing.

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in January 2011.  I was cleaning my kitchen and talking to one of my BFFs about how I wanted to start a blog but would likely wait a few months.  When she asked why not now, something clicked.  Later that evening, I went online, did a quick Google search, and started MIS.  The rest is history!

What 4 bloggers inspire you?
Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life
Sarah @ The Shu Box
Dixya @ Food, Pleasure, and Health
Katie @ Mama the Reader

Where is your favorite place you’ve ever been?
Turks and Caicos – hands down!  Vishnu and spent five nights there for our honeymoon, and that was enough to make me fall in love!  It’s so beautiful and relaxing.  The crystal clear water and pristine beaches sealed the deal for me.  Looking forward to visiting again sometime in the future!

What is your favorite TV Show?
This Is Us takes the cake.  I love how real, raw, emotional, and well-written it is.  The Pearsons are pretty much family now.  And please don’t get me started on last night’s post-Super Bowl episode.  I have yet to recover.  My heart is absolutely wrecked!  Let’s just say some ugly crying happened, and I may or may not be on the brink of tears even today.

Do you have any kids, if so how old?
I have a baby boy, Kaiden, who is just over seven months old.  The apple of my eye!

What is your favorite food?
Soft, gooey chocolate chip cookies.  Preferably with a cold glass of almond milk.

What is your favorite activity to do on the weekends?
Aside from spending quality time with Kaiden, I enjoy reading and eating out.  After having a baby, these activities rarely happen on the weekdays, so I try to enjoy them as much as possible on the weekends.

Is blogging a hobby or your full time job?
MIS is a hobby blog, but sometimes it really does feel like a full time job!

And lastly, if you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why?
One of my coworkers just got back from Thailand, and after hearing her stories and seeing her pictures, I want to travel there ASAP.


By Parita

10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap + Sunshine Blogger Award”
  1. I’m so sorry to hear you both are sick! Sending you good vibes and juju that you recover quickly!! <3 xo
    OMG last night's episode!!! I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING.

  2. I loved reading your answers Par! Thank you for always posting such raw content and being an inspiration to us new moms. I hope you and K baby feel better soon!

  3. Oh no hope you feel better super soon! I feel you about This Is Us- it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time…that and Designated Survivor! Are you reading anything now? If not, check out The Nightingale- I can barely put it down!

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