I turned 34 yesterday.  Those who know me well know birthdays aren’t my thing.  But this one?  This one was special for a couple of reasons – 1. it’s my first as a mom and 2. it marks the beginning of my journey into my mid-thirties.

So what does 34 look like?  Well, see below!

Birthday meals

This is 34…

Lots of loving and thoughtful messages from my favorite people!

Date night with the hubs followed by promptly falling asleep couch as soon as we got home.

Brunch with the family where Kaiden stole the show with his cuteness.

A fun lunch with my awesome coworkers where we chatted over delicious Mediterranean food.

This is Us, slice of birthday cake, and a few tears!

An early bedtime because I know an early wake up call is inevitable.  But hey, at least my human alarm clock loves me and is super adorable. 🙂

34 is going to be great.  I feel it in my bones!

This is 7…

MIS turned seven this past Sunday.  Can you believe it?!  So much of my life ‘exists’ in this space.  It’s kind of incredible.

Year seven brings with it some exciting news.  I finally figured out a vision of sorts for MIS.  After thinking long and hard this past weekend, I determined that MIS fits in the motherhood lifestyle blog niche.  The topics I write about will continue to include things like health/fitness, quick recipes, personal development, marriage, etc., except now they’ll have a slight motherhood flair to them and a voice that’s as real and vulnerable as they come.

For this space, year seven is going to be all about honesty, humor, adventure, story telling, courage, and FUN!

For those who have followed my journey from the beginning, THANK YOU!  And for those who are new around here, WELCOME!

Let’s make year seven the best one yet!

By Parita

12 thoughts on “This is 34 + This is 7”
  1. Happy happy birthday to both you & MIS! 34 sounds like its off to an amazing start, and hope the year just gets better!! Looking forward to see what MIS has in store too :)!

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