As far as weekends go, this was a great one!  In fact, I didn’t want it to end.  Vishnu and I definitely lived up to our 2018 couple’s resolution of being more adventurous (i.e. getting out and about) – at least in our own way.

With that, here’s a very wordy (ha!) weekend recap…


My sister stayed at our place on Thursday night because we both had Friday off.  We (Vishnu and I) went through our normal morning routine with K with the only difference being that Aekta and I dropped him off at daycare a little later than usual.

After K’s daycare drop off, Aek and I came home, worked out (Barre3 online!), showered, and headed to Costco.  I spent more than I intended (of course!) but ended up finding some great stuff (veggies, salad kits, Rao’s sauce, etc.).  We wanted to stop by Aldi on our way home but decided against it since I had to pick up K around 11:30.

Once we got home, we put everything away and immediately headed out to get Kaiden.  By this time, my brother-in-law, Niel, arrived as well.  So much going on!

The one notable thing about daycare pick-up on Friday was the weather.  It was SO cold outside, and the wind was vicious.  One of my biggest worries with daycare is the five minute walk to and from during the winter months.  I’m happy to report Kaiden did great.  Not one peep from from him while Aek and I shivered the whole walk back!  I obviously made sure he was as snug as a bug in his stroller.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing, hanging out…and of course laundry!.  Once Vishnu got home, we went through Kaiden’s bedtime routine – bath, book, bottle, bed.  And then it was our time – dinner, dishes, and movie (we watched Sully – GREAT movie!).


My Saturday started off on a very relaxing note – fed Kaiden and then put him back down, drank a cup of coffee while reading my current book, and then made my way to the gym for a quick workout.  Loved everything about this very rare morning!

Vishnu, Niel, Kaiden and I hung out for a bit before I made my way to my sister’s place.  I had a haircut appointment with Aekta’s person at a salon near her.  All in all, I absolutely loved my cut and will likely return in a few months.  #shorthairdontcare

The rest of the gang, including our friend Mike, arrived at Aek’s place a few minutes before I made my way back.  We spent the rest of the afternoon/early evening eating delicious food (including brownies and ice cream!) and playing Codenames.  If you’re looking for a new game to spice up your game nights, I HIGHLY recommend this one.  We all loved it!


Saturday ended with a Bollywood movie called Dangal (great movie by the way!).


Our Sunday started on a slow note – we fed K and decided to go back to sleep with him…until 8 am!  Felt so good!

Baby boy watching mom make smoothie

The rest of our morning was filled with a grocery and Target fun (just me), playing, eating, bathing, etc.  We then bundled up and headed to India House for lunch.  We also made a pit stop at Eataly on our way home.  I’m no longer a Mario Batali fan, so I begrudgingly entered and walked around…and drank the best mocha of my life.  Ugh!

India House Chicago buffet

The rest of our day was filled with Kaiden snuggles/fun, a light dinner, and chit chat.

Niel and Vishnu both have today off, so they’re hanging out with K while I work from home (boo!).

Happy Monday!  Make it a great one. 🙂

P.S. I’m working on taking more blog worthy pictures…may take me a while to make it a habit!  Until then, feel free to follow me on Instagram (and notably Instagram stories) for a peek into our every day life!

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