It’s the end of what feels like a long week, and as I sit down to blog, I’m in a ‘let me share ALL the thoughts’ kind of mood.  So…we’re going to chit chat a bit!

chit chat with me

If you’re wondering what happened to my ‘Friday Thoughts + Favorite links’ posts, I think I’m going to treat those like I do all my other posts.  When I have thoughts and links to share, I will.  When I don’t, I’ll share something else.  Like today.  I’m trying to be more agile with my blogging in 2018 because it started to feel a bit forced sometimes.  That’s the last thing I want for this very special space!

We can officially check off ‘survive week 1 of daycare.’  And honestly speaking, we did more than survive, we thrived!  Kaiden, in particular, took this big change like the champ that he is.  His teachers are loving and great people overall, and thankfully, they love him already!  I love that his daycare incorporates things like music, yoga, and reading into the infant classes.  It feels like we’re sending him to school versus a traditional daycare.  At this point, it probably doesn’t make a huge difference except that it makes me feel better about leaving him all day!

Now that we only see K for a few hours a day, it feels like he’s already changing so much.  A total mom thing to say, I know!  And while it’s awesome to see and experience, I personally find that it’s hard to keep up with everything.  Babies grow so much in the first year, and there’s something new going on all the time in terms of developments and milestones.  I want to stay relaxed and trust the notion that babies are very intuitive beings, but on the other hand, I want Kaiden to thrive and grow and learn and play and have fun.  One day at a time, mama!

With that being said, I’ve never questioned myself and my decisions as much as I do now that I’m a mom.  For example, I probably drove Vishnu insane the other day when I agonized over how and when to squeeze in K’s second meal of the day.  Should I pick him up 20 minute later and let daycare feed him?  Should I pick him up at my usual time and feed him when we get home?  Should we push his bedtime and last bottle of the day back by 30 minutes?  WHAT DO WE DO?!  It finally took Vishnu telling me what he thought and walking away to calm down.  I don’t know why but every little decision feels so freaking monumental.  In my moments of calm, I recognize that no one thing is going to impact K to the degree I think it may.  One day at a time, mama!

This brings me to another point around trying to stay present and in the moment but also finding myself thinking about the future and how we’re going to juggle home, work, Kaiden’s needs, daycare, life, etc.  The good thing is that I don’t ever feel the need to live life according to anyone else’s standards or terms.  It’s more so about figuring out what works for us and knowing that change is right around the corner.  One day at a time, mama! 

Something that helped bring some calm to the crazy this week was staying on top of my meal plan, prepping something in advance, and having easy meal ideas ready to go.  For example, I made my Instant Pot Veggie Sausage Pasta on Sunday, Piping Pot Curry’s Instant Pot potatoes and peppers stir-fry on Tuesday, and Ambitious Kitchen’s pancakes on Thursday.  I want to delve a bit deeper into this topic, as I’ve received a number of questions around what I do to meal plan now that K’s in the picture.  It’s crazy how a few simple steps can save you so much time and effort.  More coming soon!

Something I’m still figuring out is how to better organize our mornings so they’re less stressful.  Regardless of how early I wake up, I end up running around like a crazy person.  Right now, so much depends on Kaiden and how he is in the morning.  Because it varies a little day by day, it’s hard to set a routine.  More to come on this as well!

My early morning workouts are the one thing I want to continue striving for…even when life gets cray cray.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m so thankful to have found Barre3 Online (link to the get $15, give $15 promo) because it makes 4:30 am workouts bearable and enjoyable.  If you’re strapped for time but want to fit movement into your life, I highly recommend giving Barre3 Online a chance.  Trust me, even the 30 minute workouts are no joke.

And finally, I’ve been thinking a lot about MIS in 2018 and what I want to do with this space in the coming year, especially since my SEVEN year blogiversary is in a couple of short weeks!  There are just so many different ways to engage with people now, so figuring out what works for me will be key.  Personally, I have lots of thoughts and ideas and so little time (or so it feels).  If there’s something in particular you’d like me to blog about or incorporate on Instagram/Facebook, please share in the comments or send me an email (  The more ideas the better, especially when they come from people other than me!

Thanks for chatting with me!  It’s time for the weekend and family time!  Make it a good one, y’all!

Your turn – See my request above!

By Parita

4 thoughts on “End of the Week Chit Chat”
  1. I recently followed your page on Facebook. I can see how life gets to us everyday. I have a 4yo now, and it seems much better. So good to see you are keeping up with the meal planning.

    1. Thanks for the follow, Meeta! I’m learning to roll with the motherhood punches. It’s a wild but super fun journey!

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