I know most people could care less about the details of my random Wednesday, but I really appreciate these ‘Day in the Life’ posts.  Especially since Kaiden’s birth.  Our days have evolved so much over the years, and it’s nice to have a written record of it all!

With that, here’s what a normal, run of the mill day looks like for us at this point in time (for reference K is ~5.5 months old)…

4:30 am – My alarm goes off because I intended to work out this morning.  I decide it’s not going to happen, reset my alarm, and try to fall back asleep.  K has other plans for me because he starts crying almost immediately.  I get up and out of bed to check on him.  Luckily, this is one of those ‘put his pacifier back in his mouth and he’ll go to sleep’ type moments.

5:00 am – My alarm goes off again, and this time I need to get up and pump.  And so I do…

pumped milk

5:30 am – I finish pumping, make Vishnu’s lunch, and get my bags ready for the day.  I also warm K’s bottle because I have a feeling he’ll be up soon.

6:00 am – Sure enough, I hear K cry, so I bring him outside to eat. Kaiden is super fun first thing in the morning, so while I really want to feed him and play, we go through the motions quietly.  Things don’t go quite as planned though.  K needs a diaper change, so I bring him back in the room to change him.  As soon as I attempt to take his diaper off, I realize he’s still doing his thang, so I hang out for a few minutes!  Once I think he’s done, I quickly change him and put him back down.

6:30 am – I make a protein shake for Vishnu and then make my way back to our room to shower and get ready for work.

7:30 am – I’m running late!  I should be out the door at this time.  Instead, I’m running around the kitchen making my shake.  I quickly drink my breakfast, wake up my dad, and run out the door (well, as much as one can when bundled up for the very very very cold temps!).

8:05 am – I’m at work!  I decide to walk (because I’m crazy!).  It’s obviously pretty damn cold, but it’s not toooooooo bad.

8:30 am – I run down to Starbucks and grab a tall coffee with steamed soy.  My morning routine usually involves a cup of jo at home, but I didn’t manage to squeeze that in today.

starbucks coffee

Up until 12:30 pm – work, pump (at 9:30), work…

12:30 pm – A group of us head to the Christkindlmarket for a little holiday fun.  We treat ourselves to mulled wine, potato pancakes, a stuffed pretzel, and sugar/cinnamon covered nuts.  It even started snowing a little…the best part!

Christkindlmarket Chicago

Up until 4:00 pm – work, pump (at 2:30), work…

notebook and planner

4:30 pm – I’m home!  I walk back despite knowing better.  Again, it’s cold but not toooooooo bad!

Up until 6:30 pm – I play with Kaiden and hang out with my dad for a bit.  Around 5, we feed K some mashed avocado (he gobbles it up!).  Vishnu comes home a little earlier than usual, so all of us hang out for a bit before it’s time to feed K and put him to sleep.  Thankfully, he eats a decent amount and goes down pretty easily!

6:45-7:30 pm – Vishnu and I eat dinner (leftover veggie masala pasta) and clean up the kitchen before settling on the couch.  My dad takes a Lyft to my sister’s place as he’s eating dinner with Aekta and Adarsh tonight.

masala pasta

7:45 pm – I pump and work for a bit while Vishnu does some radiology stuff and tries to teach me about prenatal ultrasounds along the way. 🙂

9:30 pm – I can barely keep my eyes open, so I get up before I fall asleep on the couch and get ready for bed.

9:45 pm – My head hits the pillow and I’M OUT!

Annnnd…that’s a wrap on my random Wednesday.  Here’s to an equally normal but fun Thursday! 🙂

By Parita

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