Even though relaxing, low-key weekends are pretty much a thing of the past, I’m finding I equally enjoy the sleepless, crazy, and chaotic (and fun!) ones too.  And this past one was certainly that!


Friday included a trip to the dentist and the doctor (annual checkup) for me.  Thankfully, everything looks good!  However, I need to remember not to leave these appointments until the end of the year.  I fasted until 11 am for my doctor’s visit.  And that’s because I waited too long to schedule the appointment.  I was ravenous to say the least.

My sister came over in the early afternoon to hang out with me, my dad, and K.  Since she’s also loving (affiliate link ->) Barre3, we did an at home no equipment workout together.  The best part was getting glimpses of Kaiden watching us from his bouncer.  Who knew Barre3 could make one giggle so much!

Fast forward to the early evening, Adarsh, his friend Krishna, and my sister (she left for a volunteer event and came back) came over for dinner.  I made Instant Pot pasta and chicken that turned out so-so.  After thinking a little too hard about where I went wrong, I came to the conclusion that Trader Joe’s quinoa and brown rice pasta is not meant for the IP.  In the past, I’ve used whole wheat/multi-grain…annnnd that is definitely the way to go. Lesson learned!

Anyways, the rest of the night included lots of back and forth with Kaiden who would fall asleep only to wake up 10-30 minutes later.  Oy vey!  We’re working on it…

My exhaustion is at it’s peak by about 8:30 pm, so you can imagine how our night ended.  If not, I’ll tell you.  I suggest watching an episode of Ozarks while I pump.  I finish pumping (episode still going).  I lay down on the couch despite Vishnu telling me to sit up (he knows me too well!).  I fall fast asleep.  #storyofmylife


Saturday started with an early morning pumping session.  Then when I heard Kaiden stirring, I brought him out and fed him before putting him back down.  I decided to take a short nap on the couch while I waited for my mom’s call to tell my she landed.  Best nap ever, I tell you!

My mom got to our place a little before nine and immediately took Kaiden into her arms.  The next 12 hours were all about K and his Nani!

We did house things for the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon, since we had an extra pair of willing hands to help with K.

A little later in the afternoon, Vishnu and I headed out to run some errands and grab a late lunch.  We made a pit stop at Nordstrom Rack before making our way to my beloved RPM.  This was our first solo Vishnu and Par outing/date since Kaiden was born.  And boy did we enjoy!  Lots of yummy food and fun conversation…very rejuvenating!  Thank goodness for grandparents. 🙂

RPM dessert

Aekta, Adarsh, and our friend Mike came over for dinner (and to see my mom) later in the evening.  I made my family famous nachos…my mom’s favorite.

Needless to say, I felt pretty exhausted by the end of the night.  Once again, Kaiden didn’t go to sleep without a fight!  And while he woke up a few times throughout the night, it didn’t take too much to put him back down.  Phew.


Sunday morning started much like Saturday – pump, feed K, etc.  It also included a trip to Trader Joe’s.

The most exciting part of Sunday was the Chicago Bears game Vishnu, Adarsh and I went to!  Aek and Adu got Vishnu tickets for his birthday, and while they were at it, Adarsh decided to get himself a ticket too (my sister had to work).  Our seats were absolutely amazing, the weather was gorgeous and relatively warm, HOWEVER the Bears lost.  I’m not necessarily a Bears fan, but we all wanted a W.

Chicago Bears game

Other than that, our Sunday was all about K and trying to get him to go to sleep on time…and stay asleep! 🙂

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