In my opinion, the week after a (extra) long weekend always feels longer.  With that, happy Friday!  We made it. 🙂

I have lots (well, more than usual) of Friday thoughts to share today unlike other weeks.  Let’s get right to it…

My mom’s visiting this weekend!  She’ll only be here for about 24 hours, but I’m sure we’ll make the most of her time with us.  I asked her what she wants to do, and her reply was hilarious…”Do?  I just want to spend time with my Kaiden.  You and Vishnu can go out all day.  Dad and I will stay home.”  Alrighty then!  Vishnu and I will likely take her up on that offer and run some errands, go out for dinner, etc.  🙂

My postpartum hair loss is still OUT OF CONTROL!  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  Every time I run my hands through my hair, a few strands (at a minimum) fall out.  I’ve heard this can go on for as long as 8 months postpartum.  Ugh!  Thank goodness for my handheld vacuum.  It’s the perfect post-blow dry floor cleaner.  This bad boy sucks up those hairs in no time!

Recently, I’ve been going on and on about how K’s teething.  Wellllllll…after reading an informative article about the topic, the symptoms, etc., I don’t know if we’re quite in the teething phase yet.  Apparently, teething is defined as an 8 day period surrounding the emergence of teeth.  So maybe we’re in the pre-teething phase?  Time will tell!  Regardless, something’s going on because K gnaws on his hands all day long and loves it when we massage his gums.  Fun, fun!

If you’re a long time MIS reader, you know that when I really love something I have the tendency to be extra passionate about it.  Well, my latest loves (that I won’t shut up about) include the Instant Pot and Barre3 Online.  You guys, my mom ordered an IP as did three of my coworkers!  My mom hasn’t received hers yet, but the others LOVE it.  See, I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s life changing!  As for Barre3, my sister and coworker Ros both gave it a shot recently and also fell in love.  When I talked to Ros yesterday, she mentioned how her workout left her feeling it the next day…in a good way!  And my sister said that since doing Barre3 a little more regularly, her knee has been hurting less.  I can attest to that too, as I’ve experienced 0 knee pain in the past month or so.  GOOD STUFF, PEOPLE!

I’m so glad I shared about our terrifying nail cutting experiences because from that came a great recommendation from my friend Jess.  She suggested I use baby nail scissors versus clippers, and you guys, these scissors are a GAME CHANGER.  I was able to ‘cut’ all of K’s nails in under 5 minutes with no issues,.  He didn’t even know what was going on!  I can’t recommend these enough.

Baby Nail Scissors

And finally, with the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 fast approaching, I have to share about my new planner.  I randomly found it on Amazon and decided to hit the purchase because of all the positive reviews.  Despite being a tad bit on the heavier side, it’s amazing.  The pages are thick (hence the weight), there’s tons of space to write out notes, to do lists, etc., and it includes both monthly and weekly pages.  I love that the weekly pages also include a section for meetings and appointments.

Essential planner

Annnnd that’s all she wrote!  Until next week that is. 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite links from the week.  Enjoy!

This article serves as a great reminder on how to stay cool and collected, specifically during this time of year.

I always find myself thinking about how different parenting is now compared to the 80s and 90s.

Not sure if it will be this simple for us (when K’s older), but it’s worth a try.

Bless this man and his creation…the INSTANT POT!

This Christmas card is making its round on the internet.  Love it!

For all my new (and veteran) mamas!

Making these pancakes this weekend…they look so delicious!


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By Parita

4 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts + Favorite Links”
  1. Thank you for the nail scissor tip! My toddler still has not outgrown her disdain for clippers.

    I have to say all the articles I have read about teething completely underestimate it. I had teething is just the few days a tooth is cutting the gum…but these teeth come in so slowly and cut different spots for weeks. We are getting triangle shaped canines now and for WEEKS they have been cutting the gums as they inch upward.

    1. You’re so welcome! I can’t believe I lived without these scissors for all this time!

      And I’m finding the same thing. However, I may have jumped the gun a little in calling what K experienced teething. The worst is still ahead of us! I hope your little babe is feeling better!

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