I definitely didn’t intend to take a week long blogging break.  But after a doozy of a week, something had to give!  More on that in a minute.


Vishnu, Kaiden, and I flew to Nashville last Friday for a 48 hour whirlwind of a trip.  A group of our friends planned a get together, and because Vishnu won’t get to go home (Atlanta) this year, we decided to join the fun.  We also wanted Kaiden to meet everyone!

All 14 adults + 4 babies stayed in one big house and made the most of our time together – went out to eat, played lots of games, and laughed/talked nonstop!


I shared Kacy’s Nashville recap post with the group, which led to us trying both Avo and Chauhan Ale & Masala House.  I highly recommend these restaurants, especially CA&MH.  The unique twist on Southern + Indian cuisine was a huge hit with everyone!  Thanks, Kacy!

All in all, it was a great trip.  Kaiden did really well on the flight over and pretty well on the fight back (ha!).  I plan to share more about our first experience flying with K because we learned a lot of lessons and have a few stories to tell!

Traveling with baby

We obviously don’t regret going to Nashville at all, BUT it feels like we left with one baby and came home with a different one.  Which leads me to our…


While in Nashville, Kaiden was not his usually happy self.  He was generally fine during the day, but when it came to his nighttime sleeping, he’d wake up several times in a row screaming his head off.  We attributed this to being in a new environment with new people and figured he’d return to his normal self a few days after being back home.  Ummmm…not the case!

This past week was rough for all of us, especially K.  His entire sense of being was off.  Not only was he fussier, but he was also clingier than he’s ever been.  Wanting to be constantly held is not usually his thing, but man, the minute I’d try to put him down, the screaming would start.  He’d literally be fast asleep in my arms (or Vishnu’s), but the minute we’d even attempt to put him down, he’d wake up and start crying.  Not only that, but his naps were pretty much nonexistent and his feeding schedule was all over the place.

We now think/know he’s teething.  He’s showing all the classic symptoms, specifically putting his hands in his mouth and gnawing on them all day long.  Poor baby!  Thankfully, he hasn’t spiked a fever.  We’re also very thankful he still sleeps through the night (knocking on all the wood I can find!).

While we feel terrible for him, the extra snuggles we’re getting are quite nice!  I especially love when he burrows his head into my shoulder and puts his arms around my neck.  And that’s when I whisper, “Please don’t ever grow up, Kaiden!!!”  🙂

Thankful for you

To top it all off, I’ve also been feeling under the weather this past week.  I’m not sure if it’s just exhaustion or if I have a cold or something.  Hopefully it all passes very very soon!


With Kaiden not feeling his best, it was SO nice having extra pairs of hands around for a few days over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Vishnu’s brother Niel flew in on Wednesday night, and his parents flew in on Thursday afternoon.  I’m so thankful for their visit because not only did it inject some fun into Thanksgiving 2017, but it also kept me from going crazy!  Thankfully, Kaiden doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who’s holding him.  He just wants to be held!  And his grandparents and uncle kindly obliged.

Other than hanging out at home and eating lots of delicious food (Thanksgiving feast, IP lentil tortilla soup, homemade pizza, and Seoul Taco), we didn’t do too much.  Unfortunate because the temperature hit close to 60 on Friday.  #stayawaywinterweather

Thanksgiving 2017 feast

My in-laws’ visit made me super excited about our trip home in December.  I can’t wait for Kaiden to spend some time in the A!

After a crazy week, I’m hoping the upcoming one is as routine/normal/boring as they come!

Happy Monday…make it a good one.

By Parita

4 thoughts on “Nashville + A Doozy of a Week + Thanksgiving Fun”
  1. Oh I’m so glad you got to check those places out. I dream of Chauhan! Sorry to hear about K (and you) feeling under the weather. I hope everyone feels better soon and you have a great week!

  2. Sounds like a great trip and I guess it’s only normal for K to have his bouts of being more clingy…comes with the territory? Hope you are feeling better and the week ahead is full of rest and normalcy :)!

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