You guys!  I’m cutting back on the Friday thoughts this week because I don’t have the energy to think.  Ha!  I think Kaiden’s going through a four month growth spurt and/or sleep regression right now, and while it’s not too bad, it’s definitely taking a lot out of me.  I guess it’s a bit harder because Vishnu’s on nights again for the next two weeks, so this mama is on her own for a bit.  Hey, at least Mr. K is freaking adorable and giggles every time he wakes up.  🙂

With that, I’ll leave you with one thought.  Kaiden will be four months on Sunday.  Um.  WHAT?!  I still can’t get over the fact that I grew him inside of me.  Never mind the fact that he’s growing all on his own now!  Someone please find a way to stop time…even if it’s for a little bit!

hello weekend

On to this week’s favorite Friday links.  Enjoy!

This article on perfectionism and motherhood is EVERYTHING!  Mamas, if you read nothing else, read this!

It’s amazing what loving a baby can do.

It’s pumpkin season, y’all.  While I’m not a huge fan, I can get behind these cookies!

So many interesting insights.  Will have to remember this for the journey that lays ahead of us!

LOVE this “Do hard stuff. Even if you fail, you’ll experience a feeling of growth. Growth, not accomplishment, is what makes people feel fulfilled.”

A few people have told me not to hold K too much and spoil him.  To those people, please read this.  Thanks.

Preach, Brene, preach!

Even though my sister and I are almost seven years apart in age, I still felt all the feels reading this!  My sister is one of my favorite gifts.

I’ve honestly never thought about purpose in quite this way.  Definitely shifted my mindset.

Even though we’re only four months into this parenting thing, I totally have my own list of ‘I had no idea…’ and it’s so awesome!


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