While I drove home from my Sunday night grocery run, I reflected on the weekend and thought, “Saturday felt like a slow day, and I really liked it.”

What I mean by slow is that we took our time doing almost everything (getting up, getting ready, eating, etc.), and I remember everything about the day.  That hardly happens anymore.  It honestly felt like the ‘good old days.’ You know, the days when smart phones and the internet like it is now didn’t exist.  Days where you took your time and savored the moment.

Upon further reflection, I decided I want more slow days.  In fact, I want more slow days than fast ones.

Enjoying and Appreciating the Slow Days

This thought was solidified when I sat down on the couch next to Vishnu an hour or so later.  I was scrolling through Facebook (trust me, I see the irony in this) and came upon a heartbreaking story.  A story about a 37 year old mother who was driving home from the hospital where she was visiting her premature twins in the NICU.  A mother whose car was fatally sideswiped by another vehicle whose driver was possibly under the influence.  A mother who leaves behind six children and a husband.

I immediately started praying for this family as the tears rolled down my face.  I also couldn’t help but think about all of the other recent tragedies and how life just isn’t fair.  But I suppose we’ll never know why bad things happen to good people.

And while there’s nothing fair about losing someone you love way too soon, something we can do while our loved ones are still with us is enjoy and appreciate the slow days with them.  All this requires is to really be in the moment with those who matter most.  Physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Put your phone away.  Don’t think about work or your growing to do (or get to) list.  Listen, acknowledge, hug, kiss, smile, play, enjoy, appreciate, slow down, and LIVE!

Because we’ll never truly know what’s in store for us tomorrow, go ahead and enjoy and appreciate the slow days.  And while you’re at it, actively cultivate lots and lots of slow days.  Your future self will thank you.

I wish you a slow and happy Monday!

By Parita

2 thoughts on “Enjoy and Appreciate the Slow Days”
  1. Sending you love and hugs, those stories are never easy to hear but I feel we especially get softer once we become a mother. Amen to slowing down

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