I don’t have many Friday thoughts to share this week.  This mama is a little tired and ready to sleep.  I looked at Vishnu the other day and said, “I’m craving eight uninterrupted hours of sleep.”  He responded with a very honest, “Yeah.  Good luck with that!”  Touche, husband, touche!

Even though I can hardly tell Tuesday apart from Friday these days, I still get excited about the end of the week.  With that being said, this week was surprisingly smooth given Vishnu’s schedule (he worked nights).  More on this topic coming soon.

Friday parenting humor

Other than lots of Kaiden time this week, I fit in a couple of lunches with friends, some quality time with my sister, and lots of Parita time (between the hours of 7p and 11p).  And believe it or not, I didn’t take any non-K pics.

This coming weekend should be…well, exhausting!  Vishnu works a 24 hour shift on Saturday (8 am to 8 am), so I’ll be on my own.  It should be ok though, as Kaiden is still a pretty chill little guy.  Even still, I told Vishnu I have zero plans.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Let’s move on to some of my favorite links from the week…

Something I’ve thought about more than once.

Great tips on how to be mindful in order to make better decisions!

I heart this!

An insightful Q&A with Gretchen Rubin.

I can see how these tips create a strong parenting foundation.

So so sweet…cherish all the moments, people!

Soon enough, I’ll be able to relate (oh man!).  “So today I choose to cherish the mess. To leave the stress behind and know that it isn’t possible to do it all. To know that we are not meant to have super clean homes and awesome jobs and perfectly behaved children all at the same time.”

Not the same but better!

Love this post about finding food freedom.  I can relate to so much of Jen’s journey.

Julie’s post about “those” days really hit home.

Brittany is also a fan of Brene Brown.  Naturally, I loved reading about her perspective on vulnerability and being seen.


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