Three Chicago neighborhoods are lucky enough to call Nookies home (Old Town, Lincoln Park, and Edgewater).  Serving delicious and comforting food guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eater’s taste buds, Nookies’ menu covers the gamut in terms of flavor.

My Inner Shakti goes out to eat

When it comes to eating out, I can be creature of habit.  What can I say?  When I find something I absolutely love, I stick with it.  Consistency, baby!

This is certainly true when eating at Nookies.  I’ve now dined there five times, and all five times, Ernesto’s Chilaquiles have been part of my meal in some shape or form.  Yes, they’re that good!

Side note – if I were to ever meet this Ernesto, I would give him a hug and then pester him until he gave me the recipe for his chilaquiles!

Traditionally, chilaquiles include fried tortillas, salsa, and cheese served with eggs and beans.  Ernesto’s are no different in terms of composition, but they take the cake in terms of flavor.  The tortillas and eggs (scrambled but not overly) are layered with generous amounts of cheese and smothered in perfectly spiced sauce.  All of this deliciousness is served alongside [the creamiest] refried beans, rice, and sour cream.

Ernesto's Chilaquiles - Nookies - Chicago

One of my favorite parts of this dish include the eggs and tortillas.  As Thea (who’s now been to Nookies twice!) said, you really can’t tell the difference between the two.  It all just melts in your mouth!  I also LOVE the beans.  When I say they’re the creamiest, I mean it!  I want to swim in them will simultaneously stuffing my face by the handful.  Ha!

I felt the need to share about Ernesto’s Chilaquiles because a lot of my readers live in Chicago, and those who don’t will likely (or at least they should) visit at some point.  And if/when you get the chance, you must put Nookies at the top of your must try restaurant list.

While I won’t be ordering anything different anytime soon, the menu is full of other great options as well.  I’ve tried the veggie croissant sandwich and the crepes (both excellent), and Vishnu really enjoys the meaty skillets.  But if you want the ultimate delicious meal, go with the chilaquiles and thank me later!

Your turn.  Are you a fan of chilaquiles? What’s your go to brunch dish?


By Parita

2 thoughts on “Ernesto’s Chilaquiles at Nookies | Chicago”
  1. So, you’re saying next time I’m in Chicago and Vishnu isn’t working a crazy schedule, I could meet you guys here? 🙂 🙂 <3 xo
    Chilaquiles are my faaaaavorite! One of my all-time favorite brunch staples!! I'm a sucker for eggs. Gimme anything and put an egg on it. REB is more the sweet-brunch guy, which works because then we can split each other means and have a little bit savory and a little bit sweet!

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