Oh yes, I’m changing the title of my Friday [Favorites] posts to ‘Friday Things + Favorite Links.’  Exciting times, I tell you!

As for those Friday things, let’s see…

Overall, this week turned out to be a good one.

Kaiden and I got to see some of my favorite former and current coworkers, celebrate Thea’s birthday, and eat some delicious food (Frontera Grill and India House).  YAY and YUM!

Kaiden turned 2 months on Tuesday and nine weeks yesterday.  My baby’s growing up! 🙂

I’m trying to get back into my weekly meal planning mode because it helps keep us and our bank account in check.  Also, we can’t/shouldn’t eat cereal for dinner every night.  Pre-Kaiden, the food I made ranged from super simple to a little more involved.  Now?  Meal prep needs to be minimal and super duper quick.  I made my vegetarian lentil chili the other night, and it totally fit the bill.  Next time I may double the recipe and freeze a portion for later.

Lentil chili

I also made (threw together?) quick Southwestern salads one night.  Salads are the best bet right now…as long as I know exactly how I want to craft them and have everything pretty much ready to go.

Southwestern salad

At some point this weekend, I plan to make Pad Thai from the Thug Kitchen cookbook my sister let me borrow.  This is neither quick or easy. Yeah…soooo…wish me luck!  Also, a review of this hilarious cookbook is coming soon!

Thug Kitchen cookbook

What else?  Vishnu worked a short call shift on Thursday (8a-8p), and that was the day Kaiden chose to freak out if wasn’t holding him at all times.  I somehow managed to fit in a Barre3 Online workout…with three breaks throughout of course.  And that’s about it.  This little guy of ours, I tell you!

As far as our weekend plans go, we have a few things lined up – the zoo, pizza night out, movie night in, and my fantasy football draft.  We’ll see what other shenanigans we get into. 🙂

And now for the highly anticipated links of the week!

Boredom, anger, and fear equal a ‘soul emergency’

“Most of us aren’t as self-aware as we think.”

Shame is something we all experience but not something we all know how to deal with.

Do you believe in guardian angels?

Empathy is key – will have to remember this when K gets older

I know we still have some time, but I can’t wait to introduce K to real food!

Something all parents should read

Along the same vein as the above

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately

With that, I wish you a happy Friday!

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