Let me start by saying that those who know me best will likely not be surprised by this story.  It’s very Parita.

So Vishnu is a huge fan of the Asics Onitsuka Tiger line of shoes.  He has at least five different pairs.  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a street sneak that comes in lots of different colors and style variations.

Up until this past year, I’ve never really been interested in owning a pair of Onitsuka Tigers.  Vishnu even bought me a pair he found on sale, and while I loved his thoughtfulness, the style just wasn’t my favorite.  They’re now my errand shoes. 🙂

With that being said, after searching high and low for my perfect casual sneaker, I found the PERFECT pair of Tigers.  These bad boys checked every box.  Neutral color scheme, not too bulky/wide, and decent price point.

You’d think I’d just hit the purchase button, but for some reason, I couldn’t.  The thought of buying these shoes made me feel guilty.  I have no explanation because I bought plenty of other things at higher price points so it wasn’t about the money.

Anyways, by the time I was ready to make these my own, every website was out of my size – Asics, Amazon, Zappos, you name it.  Vishnu told me he would keep an eye out and hit that purchase button as soon as he could.

And then…we had a baby and life got busy.  New shoes were no longer a priority.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon.  Vishnu, Kaiden, and I went to brunch, and on our way back, I took a little detour to Michigan Ave to run a few errands while the boys headed home.  When I walked into the apartment, Vishnu asked me what size my first pair of Tigers are.  I told him, and he responded by telling me to check and make sure.  I opened our shoe closet, found the shoes, checked the size, and told him again.  I could tell he was trying to get to something but couldn’t figure out what.  When he realized I wasn’t getting it, he got up, walked over to me, reached into the closet, and pulled out a brand new pair of Tigers…the very ones I’d been eyeing for months!!!

Mexico 66 Birch White Onitsuka Tigers

What did I do?

Welllll…I burst into tears.  You guys, I had HUGE tears running down my face for at least 3-5 minutes.  It was a little ridiculous!

Vishnu, knowing full well this was a very Parita reaction, was still a bit surprised.  So he did two very Vishnu like things.  He hugged me and laughed.  While I cried and asked why he’s so nice to me.

I chalk all of this up to Vishnu’s thoughtfulness and…the last bit of pregnancy hormones that have yet to leave my body.  Ha!

But seriously, how cute is my hubby?  And how dramatic am I?

Also, if you can find your size, get these shoes because they’re awesome.  Also, we can be shoe twins! 🙂

By Parita

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