Hello friends and hello Friday!

This past week was a good one.  Nothing too exciting happened, yet the week felt productive and smoother than the past couple (except when Kaiden had major gas pains for a day…which equaled major fussiness).  However, the thing I now understand about parenthood is to expect the unexpected and take each day as it comes, so next week I may be singing a different tune.  But I’ll take a good few days when I get them!

Let’s see…what else.  We ate some really good food this week – homemade pav bhaji, loaded nachos, and RPM!  My mom’s been wanting to try the former for over a year now, and the only reservation time available was 9:30 pm.  A little late if you ask us, so we ordered in some RPM, and it was DELICIOUS!

Kaiden’s social security card arrived this week, and I also picked up his birth certificate from the country office.  Vishnu and I were probably a little too excited to receive these two documents, especially his birth certificate because it very officially states that we are his parents!

My aunt and cousin (my mom’s younger sister and her son) are in town for a wedding and were able to sneak away for a few hours to visit Kaiden.  It never gets old seeing the people I’m closest to meet K for the first time.

My mom’s time with us is coming to an end soon. 🙁  Of course, this brings with it a ton of emotions.  Tuesday night was particularly rough for some reason.  However, after seeing/talking to a few friends on Wednesday, I felt a bit better and more upbeat.  It’s amazing what a few really good people can do.

This weekend already feels like it will be fairly low key.  Vishnu works both tonight and Sunday (boo!), so that’s that.  Other than that, we have a fun birthday celebration to attend on Saturday for Thea!  We’re going to karaoke but you likely wont’ find me behind the mike.  Kaiden is the only one who enjoys my voice, and honestly, who knows how long that will last!

Check out my favorite links from the week

My talented friend Aparna took this picture, and it’s beautiful!

Love everything about this article!

Kindness always wins…always

Love me some Eckhart Tolle

I’ll admit, I’m guilty of a few of these (but now I know better!)


So much yum. I need to make the Skinny Banana Chocolate Chip muffins soon (as in this weekend)

How delicious do these smoothies look?

I constantly think about this and how to maintain a good balance with Kaiden

Have a great weekend!

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