Friday kicked off ‘grandparents week’ for Kaiden.  Vishnu’s parents visited us this weekend (they left yesterday), and my dad flies in on Tuesday for a few days.

Before I share more about our weekend, I have to say there’s nothing like grandparent love.  I speak from experience, as I’m very close to my grandparents and have been ever since I was a little girl.  Seeing Kaiden start on that same journey with all four of his grandparents is pretty amazing. And it’s even more amazing to see the joy and love in their eyes when they’re with him whether it’s during face-to-face interactions or FaceTime (gotta love technology!).

Oh babies and all the feels they bring out!  Or as Vishnu’s dad likes to say, “These are the most precious moments of my life.”

On to our weekend.  Overall, it was pretty low key.  Vishnu’s parents didn’t arrive until almost midnight on Friday, and Kaiden was asleep at that time. Saturday started with some hungry cries, lots of milk, and Kaiden snuggles all around…well as much as he would allow!

Once we were ready to take on the day, we walked to the Shivalaya temple and then over to the Chicago Riverwalk.  On our way to lunch, we realized Kaiden had a super dirty diaper, so the five us looked at each other and made the executive decision to change him in a somewhat discreet part of Wacker Drive (on a busy day!).  Parenthood…the forever adventure!

My boys

Family pic

Later in the evening, Vishnu’s parents treated us to dinner at Mercadito.  It was nice to catch-up with them sans any disruptions, especially because our only conversations with them these days involve Facetime and Kaiden…no more Par and Vishnu!  Although, halfway through the meal, I told Vishnu I missed Kaiden.

And just like that…actually, not just like that…Saturday night felt like it went on forever…ha!  Anyways, ‘just like that’ it was Sunday morning and time for my in-laws to head back to Atlanta.  I really think Kaiden felt the lack of energy (my mom went to her friend’s house for a prayer event) because he seemed a little off. It’ll be interesting to see how he does when my mom leaves.  You still have your mama and daddy, little guy!

Until then…we look forward to dadu’s (my dad) arrival! 🙂

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