Up until this point, I’ve been blogging fairly regularly.  That’s probably because Kaiden’s sleep patterns have been pretty predictable.  This week turned out to be the one where I ate all my words about my sleeping angel and his ever improving sleep habits.  He’s still my angel, but because of a likely 6 week growth spurt, he’s fussier than usual which equates to sleep times and feedings that are a bit all over the place. Needless to say, Vishnu and I are pretty exhausted.  Vishnu put it best a couple of days ago when he said he feels perpetually tired.  Yep, that pretty much explains it!

When I think about this phase of life, I think about something I said to Vishnu when we got married.  He always felt bad about the fact that he was still in med school, not contributing financially, etc.  I told him these “hard” days will be the ones we fondly think about in the future. And guess what…they are!  Same goes for these newborn days.  I have no doubt that years from now both Vishnu and I will look back on when Kaiden was a baby and wish we could hold him in our arms and sit with him in the stillness of our apartment at 2 am!

As I’ve been told many times, babies don’t keep so enjoy this time as much as possible!

Anyways, back to my irregular blogging.  Despite having lots of ideas, I had zero energy to execute them.  I prioritized sleep/rest whenever possible (whenever possible being the key phrase here!).

With that being said, I still wanted to write my usual Friday Favorites post because I truly enjoy sharing personal tidbits and my favorite links from the week.

While this week was challenging in some ways, we did manage to have some fun!  My mom, Kaiden, and I packed up the stroller and made our way over to the Chicago Riverwalk, a beautiful new “social” path along the Chicago river.  It was so nice to be out enjoying the warm weather.  I think Kaiden appreciated us making the effort to get out too!

The Chicago Riverwalk

My sister discovered a Hindu temple walking distance from our apartment, so once again, we packed up the stroller and made our way over.  You guys!  I’m so excited because this temple is truly a sanctuary in the city.  I felt so at peace upon walking in and loved the simplicity of the space.  Once Kaiden’s a little older, I hope to make temple visits a regular thing.

I treated my mom to a massage this week.  Despite having a bad back, she’s been doing so much around the house and with Kaiden.  She’s not one to go out and treat herself, so I thought I’d take action to make sure it happened.  She truly deserves it!  And because she loved her experinece so much (big thanks to my friend Erin for the recommendation!), Vishnu and I may just be back sooner than later.  If you live in the Chicago area, check out Lillie Ann’s.

Lillie Ann's Massage Chicago

Finally, we are expecting some special visitors this weekend…my in-laws!  They haven’t seen Kaiden since he was born.  Even though they’ll be here for less than 48 hours, we hope to make the most of our time together.  Will share more about the weekend on Monday!

With that, please find some of my favorite links from the week below…

Habits of happiness that have nothing to do with positive thinking.  Something everyone can get behind!

Books for mamas who need a little inspiration

I always knew my ‘thankful thoughts’ journal was powerful tool, as it is possible to turn negative thinking around

And the restaurant city of the year is….drum roll please…CHICAGO!!!

Quality relationships are the key to happiness per a Harvard study

A very honest take on the dark days of motherhood

Lessons from Buddhist monks

One more like the above!

HAPPY FRIDAY AND WEEKEND!  Make it a great one 🙂

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