The highlight of this past week was by far my grandparents meeting their GREAT grandson!  Ba and dada (grandma and grandpa in Gujarati) flew in on Tuesday night and stayed with us through Thursday evening.  Seeing the look on their faces when they saw Kaiden for the first time is something I’ll never forget.  Ba immediately sat down, put her arms out, and asked to hold him.  I can’t wait to tell Kaiden all about this special meeting when he gets older as ba and dada are his only set of living great grandparents.

four generations


Not much can top the above, but another highlight was Kaiden’s one month appointment.  He passed with flying colors!  Also, how is my baby one month old (tomorrow)?!  Feels like I just learned about him via a positive pregnancy test yesterday.

And as far as this week’s favorite links are concerned…

Avocado mustard dressing…why have I not thought of this?!

A beautiful post and so timely 🙂

Cuteness overload!

Yes x 100

Love each and every one of these quotes

Must remember this parenting lesson

I think this list is pretty spot on…thoughts?

Veggie ‘meat’loaf for the win!

Happy Friday and weekend, friends!

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