It’s Fri-yay!  As I’ve already mentionedthe weekends don’t feel much different to me right now.  However, Vishnu has Saturday off this weekend, and my sister has today through Sunday off.  It’ll be nice to spend time with some of our favorites!

Other weekend plans include a trip to Devon for some Indian food shopping, a pedi date with my mom and sister, and a visit and photo session with Thea and her husband Justin, who takes amazing photographs!

And now for some Friday Favorites

When my mom found out we were having a baby boy, she started a little crocheting project.  The end product was a beautiful blanket for Kaiden. Mind you, she hasn’t crocheted in years…a woman of many talents!  She offered to make me and my sister blankets as well, and we took her up on that offer and even picked out our own yarn.  I went the mustard route and Aek went with a cream color.  Can’t wait for my blanket!

Crocheted blanket

We received the most special package in the mail yesterday for Kaiden!  Our friends Khusbu and Adam made a customized book for our little guy filled with all of his birth information.  LOVE!

Personalized baby book

We ordered more receiving blankets the other day, and I love all of the designs.  My favorites include this sports themed one and a froggy one – so super cute!

Baby receiving blanket - sports theme

I’m not by no means back to working out and still have three more weeks to go until I can even consider exercising.  However, I’ve been told to walk (at a relaxed pace) as much as I want.  With that, my dad and I went for a two mile walk on Monday, and even he was surprised with my pace (my dad’s a pretty fast walker).  This mama isn’t slowing down any time soon!

How good does this look?  And don’t be afraid of the beans…you can’t taste them at all!

Despacito is the new ‘it’ song.  How cool is this Indian take?  Love me some bhangra!

In a day and age where seemingly perfect moms are everywhere, this was a very welcome and refreshing read!

I hope our kids see our marriage as one worthy of replicating one day.

Ummm YUM!  I need to have a few people over so I can make this.

Could not agree more with this post.  It goes hand in hand with what I wrote and shared.

My labor and delivery experience was emotional for multiple reasons.  One of which was the fact I had to have an unplanned c-section.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m so very grateful Kaiden is ok, but that doesn’t mean I easily forgot what was supposed to be.  This article/post put a smile on my face and serves as a reminder that c-sections aren’t all that bad after all!


And with that, I hope you have a very happy Friday and weekend!

By Parita

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