Ahhh the cherished weekend!  Something we treasured oh so much pre-baby.  Now?  Well, to be honest, I’ve been mixing up my days since Kaiden’s birth.  Saturday doesn’t really feel any different than Wednesday.  But when your baby is freaking adorable, who cares!

While the weekend doesn’t feel much different to me, everyone else can still tell the difference, so with that, here are a few favorite weekend moments…

My dad flew in on Thursday night, walked through the door, and immediately asked to see/hold his grandson!  Kaiden was asleep, but my dad?  He was so excited he couldn’t hide it.  So much love in that one moment!

Kaiden and grandpa

On Friday, Vishnu and I experienced our first solo evening at home with the baby because my parents attended a wedding event in the burbs.  We ate cereal for dinner, we watched TV (for the first time in 15 days), we fed/burped/changed/rocked Kaiden to sleep, and most importantly, we survived to tell the tale!  We’re getting the hang of this parenting thing…slowly but surely.

My BIL, Niel, flew in on Friday night.  Another sweet and exciting first meeting!

Kaiden and Niel

Vishnu worked a 24 hour shift from 8a Saturday to 8a Sunday.  He was beyond exhausted because…a 2b/2b apartment + 3 extra people + a baby that gets up every 3-4 hours…doesn’t exactly equal relaxation.  Again, he survived so there’s that.  But with him not being at home, my parents planning to attend the actual wedding on Saturday morning, and my BIL not having any real baby experience, my mom asked my sister to come over on Saturday to help me as needed.

Welllll…things didn’t go exactly according to plan.  Kaiden had an off night on Friday, so we were up a lot more than expected.  And because I didn’t want Vishnu getting up with us, I told Niel to sleep in our room, and I slept in the living room with Kaiden (who was safe and secure in his bassinet). After finally reaching my breaking point at 5 am, I woke my mom up and asked her for help.

Ultimately, this meant that they weren’t able to attend the early morning ceremony but did make it to the reception late in the evening.

This wasn’t necessarily a favorite weekend moment, but it did make me realize how lucky we are to have so much love and support around us, especially in these early weeks.  I know not everyone is so fortunate.

Saturday morning/afternoon flew by.  Between a nap for me, extra pairs of arms holding and playing with Kaiden, and a visit from Adarsh’s parents/sister, it was the evening before we knew it.

Before I share more about my solo evening with K, I want to link to John Oliver’s latest video on vaccines.  As a new parent, I found his perspective/humor super interesting and informative.  I highly recommend taking the time to watch this in its entirety.

Ok, so on to the evening.  With Vishnu at work, my parents at the wedding reception, and Aek/Adarsh/Niel/the rest of the gang at the beach, I was able to spend a few hours at home…alone.  AND to top it off, it just so happened that this time aligned with Kaiden’s nap time.  YAHOO!

What I should’ve done during this time is nap myself.  What I did instead was plop on the couch, turn on Netflix, and watch a documentary.  More on What the Health and my thoughts coming soon.  It was glorious, even though I paid for it later.

What the Health

A few hours later, Aek/Adarsh/Niel/Adarsh’s parents/sister returned home with dinner…pizza from Home Slice.  It was so delicious I forgot to take a picture.  We will be ordering from here again!

Sunday’s main highlight was having Vishnu back home.  It was kind of remarkable how when he walked through the door and saw Kaiden his exhaustion melted away.  He pulled a Par and stayed up with all of us instead of taking a longer nap.

The rest of Sunday included hanging out at home and spending time with Niel before it was time for his flight.  There was also a nice long nap for mama, Adarsh’s parents stopping by one last time before also heading home, and Aek and Adarsh coming over for a bit.

How was your weekend?  Name some favorite moments!

By Parita

2 thoughts on “Favorite Weekend Moments”
  1. You seem to be nailing this whole ‘mom’ thing..proud of you, P! Kaiden is just such a cutie and reading about him reminds me of when my nephew was born. I was in Dubai last weekend and that involved plenty of yum food, hanging out with close friends and family and just switching off for the most part.

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