Another Friday, another favorites post!

Overall, it was a good week.  I got to spend more time than usual with my sister, I had a great doctor’s appointment, and for once, I took it easy in the mornings and didn’t rush my way to work.  Oh, and the weather in Chicago is BEAUTIFUL.  What more can one ask for?!  Only that the weekend continues in the same direction. 🙂

We don’t have any major weekend plans.  We’re still in the middle of researching strollers, so Vishnu and I will make a BuyBuyBaby trip after work today to test drive a few of the options we’ve been eyeing.  Oh how Friday nights have changed!  Vishnu’s working another 24 hour shift on Saturday, so I’m hanging out with Thea.  We have delicious brunch plans I can’t wait for!  And we have no real plans on Sunday…maybe hang out with my sister and BIL for a bit, as they both (finally!) have the day off.

Anyways, enough about that.  Let’s move on to some Friday Favorites…

I already said this above, but spending time with my sister is one of my favorite things to do.  Every time we hang out, I’m reminded of how lucky we are to have her and Adarsh so close.  Aekta is the kind of person you can’t help but love and adore (not that I’m biased or anything).  She’s also been so supportive throughout my pregnancy.  In fact, every Friday, she’ll call to check in on my emotional and physical state.  Love her!

Every Marc & Angel post resonates with me to some degree, but I particularly loved this one.  #1, 2, and 3 = spot on for me!

On Monday, I wrote about ‘Putting the Universe’s Words into Action‘ and committed to maintaining a peaceful and loving mindset throughout the week.  While I can’t say I was 100% successful, I was able to avoid angry thoughts 85% of the time.  Not too bad!  Oddly, my favorite situations involved walking by smokers and sending them positive ‘quitting’ vibes…all while holding my breath.  This certainly beats my ‘what a f’ing disgusting habit’ thoughts.  Ha!

I tried two new recipes this week (and forgot to photograph both…oops).  I highly recommend you put both of these on your upcoming meal plans!

Apparently I wanted spicy food this week…?

Also, I’m definitely putting these brownies on my weekend to make list.  YUM!

It may seem a little weird to be sharing this as a favorite, but I now truly love our new garbage can.  I didn’t in the beginning and honestly thought it was a waste of money, but over time, it’s grown on me and proven to be quite convenient.  There’s a sensor that opens the lid when you wave your hand over it (keeps everything nice and clean), and there are two compartments – one for trash and one for recycling.  The latter is my favorite feature because in a small apartment like ours things can get out of hand quite quickly, and I love that we now have one place for everything.  I also love how there are recycling friendly bags that fit perfectly in our new trash can.  It’s the little things!

Trash canTrash can

Don’t tell Vishnu about the above, as I may have rolled my eyes a few times and made snarky remarks about his new ‘toy’ when we first set it up!

A couple of more interesting articles from the week…

Daily Practices for Achieving Real Happiness – I’ve never thought about achieving happiness in this way…

To Build Your Resilience, Ask Yourself Two Simple Questions – a great approach in business and in life

And finally, our engagement anniversary was on June 10!  We didn’t (and never really do) celebrate in any way, but it was fun to reminisce and think about how far we’ve come.  Vishnu and I also realized that June and July are big months for us – legal wedding anniversary, engagement anniversary, actual wedding anniversary, dating anniversary, and Baby K’s birthday!

Engagement day

One of the BEST days ever!

And that’s all she wrote!  Have a wonderful Friday + weekend!

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