My long time readers know I’m a huge fan of Notes from the Universe.  It’s been years since I first signed up to receive daily messages from the Universe and haven’t looked back once!  While everyone who signs up receives the same messages, I find they come at exactly the perfect time for me. The Universe just knows!

I smiled big when I read the “Perception Management for Very Advanced Souls” note last week.  I even shared the message on the MIS Facebook page.  And then I thought, easier said than done!

Anyone else agree…?

NFTU - Perception Management for Very Advanced Souls

I mean, I get it.  If I could think these thoughts all day every day, I’d be the most peace-filled, zen person on Earth.  However, when someone really pisses you off, it’s hard to think, “I love you!”  HA!

Well, my sister and I had the opportunity to put these words into action on Friday, and I can now say [when you remember to think these thoughts] they actually work.

Situation: We were driving home from the Honda dealership on Friday afternoon, and someone ran a stop sign (like a bat out of hell).  My gut reaction was to yell, “WTF!”  But before I could, my sister, who saw my Facebook post, said, “Be careful, friend.  We love you.”  I looked at her, laughed, and said, “Yes, we love you and forgive you.  Just be careful next time.”  And then we laughed and laughed some more.  More than anything, saying those words out loud, took a very frustrating situation and alleviated it a bit.  And who knows, maybe next time our little bat out of hell will think twice before blowing through a stop sign.  You know, because we sent so much love his way!

I’m going to try and keep these thoughts at the forefront of my mind this week, as I’m sure I’ll come across a few more ‘WTF’ situations.  My goal is to replace my angry thoughts with more loving ones.  No easy feat for me, I’ll tell you that!  Expect an update in this week’s Friday Favorites post.

With that, I hope each of you has a peaceful week full of loving thoughts.  Love you, my friends (never too early to start, right?)!

By Parita

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