Well hello there!  While I can’t say that my blogging break was unintentional, I missed this space and am glad to be back!

It’s been quite a week for sure.  We moved (!), we went to a Cubs game, and we attended a newborn CPR class.  That’s just the stuff we did.  Then there’s all the stuff that happened.

Let me tell you allll about it!

The biggest thing…WE MOVED!  And it’s done and over with <– the BEST part!  I will say that it was the easiest move we’ve experienced (and we’ve experienced four in the last five years), as all we had to do was take our stuff about 30-40 feet across the hall.  Thank goodness for awesome friends who willingly gave up their Saturday morning/afternoon to help us out!

While the move was logistically easy, it was not so easy on this almost 33 week preggo body.  My body ached like its never ached before!  In fact, I took two 2.5 hour naps on both Saturday and Sunday.  Like I said, thankfully it’s done and over with!  Now, it’s time to nest and really prepare for our baby boy!

The next biggest thing…we went to a Cubs game with my sister and BIL and had a blast!  The weather, while warm, definitely left all of us with itchy eyes and noses.  The pollen count combined with the wind made for an interesting outing.  My poor sister must’ve sneezed a thousand times! Regardless, it was fun cheering the team on, high-fiving everyone around us, and singing ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Cubs Game 2017

Family time at Cubs game 2017

This particular game was also special because our nickname for the baby is Kubs/Kubbie (with a K because of our last name).  We found out we were pregnant when the Cubs were in the World Series, so it only felt fitting!  Essentially, this was Kubs’ first Cubs game!  🙂

Vishnu and I also attended a newborn/child CPR class last week.  While Vishnu’s already certified in all of this stuff, I definitely learned a lot of useful information.  I just pray we never have to use it.

So that’s the stuff that we did.  In terms of stuff that happened to me/us…

My feet/ankles were super swollen on Friday.  Like the biggest I’ve seen them!  Naturally, I grabbed a pair of compression socks to help with the issue. I thought I grabbed a black pair, as I was wearing black leggings.  But nope.  I definitely grabbed and wore a navy pair that totally clashed with my OOTD (outfit of the day).  I wouldn’t have minded at all except for the fact that I had a doctor’s appointment, and of course, that’s where I realized my mistake.  My excuse (for everything) –> #impregnant.

Mismatched compression socks

I inadvertently ended up scaring the AT&T technician that came by on Wednesday to set everything up for us.  I made my way over to the new apartment a little before when he was expected to arrive.  When I walked into the unit, I saw that our bedroom door was closed and literally shaking. I freaked out, grabbed my keys, and ran out, ultimately running into technician as I opened the door.  Of course, I screamed…which made him scream. HOT MESS EXPRESS I tell you!  I apologized for my crazy, told him I thought someone/thing was in my bedroom, and asked if he would take a look. Bless this man because he did exactly what I asked and even checked our closets and bathroom for me…you know, just in case!  #impregnant…?  No, I’m just Par!

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a pretty funny [to me] Vishnu story!  We had quite a few moments this past week that ranged from “aww I love you” to “aww I can’t help but roll my eyes.”  Moving stress, and in general the third trimester (for both the mom and dad-to-be), will do that to you!

Anyways, have a great Tuesday!

By Parita

3 thoughts on “A Week’s Worth of Happenings”
  1. Happy to hear you’ve moved and are settled into the new space. Thank goodness it wasn’t too far or in another neighborhood! That would be costly and an unneeded stress given how far along you are now! The nickname for Le Bebe is so cute!! I am planning to come back to Chi in a few weeks! I know you might be in full-on nesting mode and/or prepping for Le Bebe’s arrival, but I’ll let you know when and if I do! 🙂 <3

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