Life at 30 weeks pregnant is…interesting.  The third trimester is no joke.  And I’m only two weeks in.  Ha!

I know I said MIS wouldn’t turn into a pregnancy/motherhood blog, and I want to hold to that promise, however, at this time, I basically live and breathe all things pregnancy.  But that’ll change…well in 10 weeks!

With that being said, I thought I’d share a life update and shed light on what it’s like at 30 weeks pregnant.  Let’s get started!

Our little guy is stronger than ever, and I couldn’t be more thankful.  His movements are becoming more and more pronounced.  Some days, we can literally feel a body part kicking/punching away.  At my 30 week appointment, the doctor mentioned how he’s positioned fairly low (nothing to worry about).  This makes total sense because the lower part of my belly feels very heavy.

The one consistent thought I have at this point is wondering who he’ll look like!  I hope he’s a mix of me and Vishnu.  So fun to think about!

I’m doing well for feeling like I have a watermelon strapped around my waist!  To be honest, my biggest issue at this time is me!  I’m still having a hard time slowing down, but the sheer size of my belly is forcing me to tone everything down a bit.  I constantly remind myself to take it slow for the baby!

My pregnancy related symptoms right now include nighttime back pain and having to pee constantly.  Both of which lead to very irregular sleep and a very tired Par.  Other than that, everything is a-ok!

Vishnu’s also doing well.  The anticipation of our move and setting everything up before July makes him a little nervous.  And it doesn’t help that the last half of May and all of June is a very busy time for him at work.  I just tell him to breathe and that we’ll get through it together…just like we always do!

Other than that, I keep him on his toes with my antics!  But seriously, I could not ask for a better person to have by my side through all of this.  He’s always there to rub my back, tell me he loves me, tell me I’m beautiful (when I feel it the least), do the dishes when I’m exhausted, make me laugh constantly, etc.  I hate to get all mushy gushy, but he’s the best…even when he’s a little annoying!

I’m pretty sure I’m the most boring preggo ever.  I have had zero cravings in the last seven months (and zero food aversions thankfully!).  I pretty much eat what I ate pre-pregnancy, however now, a morning snack is a must (usually a Larabar or a Granny Smith apple).

The third trimester brings it’s own challenges when it comes to food.  I can’t eat too much in one sitting.  If I do (which happens every now and then), my stomach feels like it’s literally going to stretch open!  So I try my best to eat a little bit at a time and take breaks as needed.

In my experience, working out in the third trimester is no easy feat.  While I’m still walking/EFXing, I’m definitely slower than I’ve ever been (for good reason!).  With that being said, I’m trying to take it slower now while still staying as active as my body will allow.

Even my strength training routines have changed.  While I still trying to include weights in my workouts 2-3 times a week, I’m using lighter weights and doing higher reps.

And now more than ever, my daily activity counts as ‘exercise’ in my book.  For example, I try to walk to work and back home whenever possible (i.e. when it’s not raining).  That equates to about 2.4 miles if I’m able to do both.  Not too shabby!

Parenting/baby books
I’m still making my way through The Awakened Family.  Because it reads a little like a psychology textbook, it’s  harder to just get through. I’m really enjoying it though and so much of what the author shares resonates with me and what will hopefully be my parenting style.  Only time will tell!

I recently purchased Eat, Sleep, Poop based on Diana’s recommendation.  We haven’t bought/read too many baby books, but it sounds like this will be a good reference guide once the baby is here.

And finally, Vishnu plans…ok fine, I suggested that he plan…to read The New Father when we’re poolside in Scottsdale.  My sister bought this for him a while back, and he hasn’t cracked it open yet.  I’ll share his thoughts once he’s read a page or 50!

Pregnancy humor

When I need a little laugh to get me through the day, my go to thing to do is log on to Pinterest and search ‘pregnancy humor.’  So many funny (and very true) images to sift through.  You’re guaranteed a good laugh!

Here are a few of my recent favs:

pregnancy humor

pregnancy humor

pregnancy humor

pregnancy humor

And that’s all she wrote!  I can’t wait to share about our Scottsdale babymoon adventures.  With that, it may be a little quiet on the blog front over the next week or so, but I’ll be back soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

By Parita

4 thoughts on “Life Update – 30 weeks pregnant”
    1. Hi! I’m so glad you like Amy’s workouts! I’ve been doing them since the beginning and really credit them to how great I still feel (knock on wood!). Hope you’re feeling well!

  1. Yay! I hope you like Eat Sleep Poop! I liked the checklist he had of what you “really” need for a baby, and felt his advice overall was good and reasonable. We got it from the library then liked it so much we bought a copy to keep.

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