You know what’s not fun (for most women)?  Trying on bathing suits.  You know what’s worse than that?  Trying on bathing suits at 7 months pregnant.

Trust me – been there done that!

BUT, I’m here to tell the tale!  So there’s that.

The quest to figure out my bathing suit situation for Scottsdale (almost babymoon time!) began on Thursday.  Mind you that was t-one week + 2 days from trip time!  I realized I hadn’t yet tried on the suit I bought for Hawaii back in December and therefore had no idea if it would even fit me.  I also realized that said suit, given it fit me, was my only option for a five day trip.

Not knowing what else to do, I went on Amazon searching for one piece maternity swim suits.  Everything I liked cost $75+.  To be fair, I’m not sure I’d pay that much for a non-maternity suit, so needless to say, I came out of that fun game empty handed.

The next afternoon, as I was chatting with my boss, I happened to mention my dilemma.  She said the best thing to do in my situation was go to Target and buy a size up.  BUT, she said to try on the suit to ensure it fits.  Great idea but ugh…try on a swim suit in the Target dressing room.  Not exactly my idea of a fun Sunday afternoon.

But off I went…

I searched high and low for a cute one piece suit.  Believe it or not, I couldn’t find one in the size I wanted.  The next best thing I found were tankini tops.  I figured I could potentially wear a bigger top with the bikini bottoms I already own (if that turned out to be false, I still had time to head back to Target and buy bigger bottoms).  I made my way to the dressing room and smiled at the attendant as I showed her my two tops.  She smiled back at me and commented on my “cute” bump.  She even offered to get me different sizes if I needed.  God bless people who are kind to preggos!

As I pulled the first top over my head and adjusted it, I looked in the mirror and laughed.  I looked…like a very pregnant person.  It was just funny to see my bump sticking out so prominently.  I tried the second one on and smiled at myself this time, as I suppose I knew what to expect.  The second top fit a bit better so I decided to go with that.  AND it was on sale for $12.94!

The next adventure came when I got home.  I pulled out my Hawaii suit and tried it on.  While I looked completely different than I did in December, the suit fit!  And hey, at least I wouldn’t have to make a last minute trip to Target…or Amazon for that matter.

I then tried the tankini top on with my bottoms.  Again, everything fit and actually looked good together.  I did a happy dance…completely different body and all!

7 months pregnant and searching for a bathing suit

And then it hit me, who the hell cares what I look like in my suits.  Vishnu and I are soon going to spend five days at a beautiful resort in my favorite state.


So yes, searching for a bathing suits at 7 months pregnant is definitely not fun.  However, as long as it ends in us hanging out poolside, getting massages, drinking tasty (non-alcoholic for me) drinks, and eating lots of delicious Mexican food, I’ll be just fine!  And…all I had to dish out was a measly $13!  Wins all around!

By Parita

One thought on “7 Months Pregnant and Searching for Bathing Suits”
  1. I was pregnant all last summer and it was brutal! I did the same thing you did. I got a tankini top from target with a rusched belly section and wore my regular bottoms. This year presents a new challenge: a suit for this post partum body!

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