Pregnancy brain is a real thing.  Of course, I thought I’d be exempt from this ‘condition’ that causes forgetfulness, spaciness, etc.  But nope, it’s on in full force over here.

And guess what…I’m finding that it’s contagious!  On Friday night, Vishnu officially caught a bit of my pregnancy brain.  Or maybe we just weren’t paying attention. I’d like to think we’re better than this, so we’ll put this experience in the ‘it happened because we’re pregnant’ category.

Pregnancy Brain is Contagious

On Friday afternoon, Adarsh (my BIL) texted our group chat asking if we were free for dinner.  He and I were already at our respective homes, and Vishnu and my sister would both be getting off of work between 5-7.  We agreed to meet at a restaurant called Greek Islands (in Greektown) at 8 pm.

As I read a few reviews about this place, I noted two things – it offered free valet parking and we should expect a wait.

Vishnu and left our place around 7:40.  I drove and Vishnu navigated.  As we made our way towards Greektown, Vishnu said to keep an eye out for Adams St, as the restaurant is located at the intersection of Halsted and Adams.  With this being our first time in this part of Chicago at night, we didn’t realize how many Greek restaurants are located near this intersection.  Now we know that Greektown literally means all things Greek!

Well, we got to Adams, pulled over at the ‘free valet parking’ sign, and made our way into the restaurant.  The hostess seated us immediately, which I found a bit strange since most of the Yelp reviews said a wait should be expected.  Vishnu even commented on how empty the place was.  But we didn’t question it too much.

On their way over, my sister and Adarsh picked up our friend Mike, who was also joining us.  We figured they’d be a few minutes late, so while we waited, Vishnu ordered a drink, and we both enjoyed the complimentary bread and olive oil.

A few minutes later, Vishnu’s phone rang.  It was Adarsh.  He was wondering where we were.  Vishnu told him we were at Greek Islands and even gave a description of where we were seated.  At that exact moment, I happened to look at the cover of the menu and noticed that we were actually at a restaurant called Pegasus.  I showed Vishnu and mouthed, “We’re at the wrong place!”  He looked at me with a shocked and slightly embarrassed expression on his face as he explained all of this to Adarsh and my sister.  A little too loudly because our waiter heard and asked me if we were planning to stay.  I assured him we were.

Adarsh, Aekta, and Mike eventually made their way to Pegasus, and we enjoyed a nice dinner.  Only after a few laughs at our expense of course. Vishnu and I felt a little stupid and couldn’t believe we missed the big Greek Islands sign about 30 feet in front of where we dropped our car off.

Of course, we blamed the whole mix up on “our” pregnancy brain.  I’m really hoping this was the cause.  Because if not, we’ve got much bigger issues come July!

By Parita

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