What a great weekend!  I feel like I crossed a few things off my to-do list, laughed a lot, ate some delicious food, and even got some time to myself (I credit the beautiful weather!).  I also feel like for the first time in a long time, I was more exhausted than ever.  I took multiple naps and could’ve slept for a lot longer than I did.  The baby must be going through a growth spurt!

Here’s what the weekend looked like when broken down a bit more…


Friday consisted of working…a lot.  We have quite a few big projects running simultaneously right now, and with that, there’s no shortage of things to do.  I worked until 5 pm and the logged back on a few hours later to finish up a few things.  Ay!

Vishnu worked a 12 hour overnight shift, so I was on my own from about 6:30 pm to 8 am (Saturday).  While I didn’t have an exciting Friday night agenda lined up, I also didn’t expect to fall asleep on the couch while watching Friends.  But that’s what happened!


I was up and at it at 6:30 am on Saturday morning.  Why?  Because I had big plans for the day – cleaning (ok, so this one isn’t that grand), brunch with Aparna, and a girls’ evening with my work wife Thea.

After cleaning and putting Vishnu to bed, I headed to brunch at Wishbone with Aparna and her husband.  Aparna and I ‘met’ a few years ago through our blogs and have been trying to meet up in in person for almost two years.  We finally had the opportunity this weekend when her and her husband were in town for her nephew’s birthday party.  I know this is going to sound really strange to all the non-bloggers out there, but I truly consider her a good friend.  And our meet-up proved exactly why.  Even though we’ve never met in person before, I truly felt like I was catching up with someone I’ve known for a really long time.  She’s exactly how she appears on her social media channels – thoughtful, kind, energetic, etc.  I wish she lived closer and not four hours away in Michigan!

Blogger meet-up in chicago

Sadly, this is the only picture I (well, technically Aparna) captured this weekend!

After brunch, I came home, hung out with Vishnu for a bit (before he went back to sleep because he had to work all day Sunday as well), and watched more Friends/napped on the couch until my friend/co-worker Thea messaged me and said she was downstairs.

For those who haven’t been reading MIS for very long, Thea and I work together and have known each other for almost five years.  And over those five years, we’ve gone from being just co-workers to growing super close.  I honestly can’t imagine my time in Chicago without Thea, and our girls’ night was a great example of why.  We literally sat around our kitchen island and chatted for over five hours…nonstop!  We chatted about everything from work to makeup to our families to you name it.  And mind you, we talk on a regular basis – not always about personal stuff, but Thea is a constant in my daily life!

Vishnu, Thea, and I ended Saturday with dinner at Seoul Taco.  So much yum!


Sunday started with another 6:30 am wake up call because that’s when Vishnu’s alarm went off.  Like I said, he had a full day of work ahead of him, so I figured I’d get up and start my day too.

After a quick bite to eat (2 of these muffins), I headed down to our gym for 20 minutes on the EFX machine + this pregnancy kettle bell workout.

Next on my list of things to tackle – Target + grocery shopping.

And then it was sister time.  Aekta came over and we quickly headed to brunch at Beatrix.   It was such a fun way to spend the afternoon/early evening and reminded me of how lucky we are to have Aek and Adarsh SO close.

After Aekta left, I finished a few more errands and then settled in to watch the last two episodes of Spring Baking Championship on Food Network.  I love cooking competitions!

And that was my weekend in a nutshell (aka blog post)!

Happy Monday!  Make it a good one. 🙂

By Parita

12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Brunch, Good Friends, and Productivity”
    1. OMG YES! come up here so we can all hang out!! and you already know if my travels send me to DFW I’m contacting you! <3 🙂

  1. I’m SO glad we got to meet. It really does feel like we were just playing catch up or something. I totally consider you a really good friend of mine, too! -tear- Even REB noticed. In the Lyft ride back to my sister’s, he said, “You’re sure that’s the first time you two met?” Sounds like you had a busy weekend thereafter too! I’m planning to be back in Chicago next month, so I’ll text you when I am! 🙂

    1. Hi Aparna, love to read these comments, and thought to share my two cents on why you felt like knowing each other for a while and not meeting for the first time. It may be very well that you two have met before but just don’t remember, or else why the great feeling when you both saw and met each other for the first time. oh BTW this is Mina – my sunshine’s mom…Lol..Hope you’re doing well…take care…

    2. Looking forward to seeing you again! Vishnu and I also talked about the idea of coming up to Michigan…but not until his schedule calms down.

  2. It’s so true about meeting bloggers in person – I mean that sounds exactly the case as when we met! It really felt like we were catching up like old friends…and given the nature of blogging, it’s quite possible that blog buddies end up knowing more about each other than real-life buddies hah!

    1. I thought about our meet up when I was heading over to meet Aparna! It felt so normal and long overdue! Make your way to Chicago so we can do it again!

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