I recently shared my favorite prenatal fitness resources, but I didn’t really talk about what a week of workouts looks like for me.  Prenatal fitness is honestly so interesting because it’s 100% dependent on the woman and her individual pregnancy.  What I share may be way too easy for some and a bit too much for others.

My biggest takeaway in my journey so far is to do what feels right to you.  If you need to slow down, slow down.  If you need to take a rest day, take a rest day.  If yoga and walking feel good to you, do that.  Don’t force fitness when you’re pregnant.  Instead, choose to stay active as much as possible and know that every little bit counts.  That’s my motto anyways.

Also, something obvious I should have expected is that as my body grows and changes so will my workouts.  I don’t know why I thought first trimester Par would be the same as second trimester Par.  Second trimester Par is definitely a lot slower, more tired, and easily exhausted.  And this is noticeably apparent during my workouts.  But every little bit counts, right?

How I feel about second trimester pregnancy fitness

Pretty much sums it up!

As far as my weekly workouts are concerned, I’m doing most of the same things I did in my first trimester and early in my second.  The only difference, like I said, is that I have to be more cognizant of my pacing and the duration of my workouts.

So the following 24 week snapshot is a typical workout schedule for me right now, as it’s both doable and challenging.  My biggest note here (and always) is to consult with your doctor prior to starting any fitness routine or changing your routine dramatically.  Also, ALWAYS listen to your body and stop when something feels off, and don’t forget to drink lots and lots of water – before, during, and after all workouts.

A Typical Week of Second Trimester Workouts 

Sunday – 30 minutes of intervals on the EFX machine  + a prenatal strength workout + stretching

Monday – 30 minute brisk treadmill walk with 1, 2, and 3 level inclines + stretching + extra movement throughout the day (intentional as I worked from home)

Tuesday – 20 minute prenatal cardio workout  + 20 minute prenatal cardio kickboxing workout

Wednesday – Rest day (aka wash my hair day)!  I find that it’s hard for me to fit in a morning workout along with washing/styling my hair. Therefore, I strategically pick my rest days to coincide with hair washes.  Win, win!

Thursday – 30 minute prenatal strength workout + stretching

Friday – 40 minutes of intervals on the EFX machine + stretching

Saturday – 30 minute steady state treadmill walk + 15 minute prenatal core workout + stretching

There you have it…a typical week of second trimester workouts.  Crossing my fingers and toes that the same fitness gods allow me to carry on with similar workouts in my third trimester!  Only 3 weeks away…ahhhh!

By Parita

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