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…parents-to-be moment.  Vishnu and I have felt the baby move a lot over the past few days.  At this point, the movements are more so flutters with a kick/punch thrown in every so often.  Regardless, it’s one of the best feelings ever.  I can’t wait to meet our little guy!

…book.  The other day, Vishnu asked what book I’m currently reading.  When I told him about The Awakened Family, he kind of just looked at me. Ha!  I told him it’s a bit dense, so I’m not getting through it as quickly as I would like.  He told me to find a good novel, one of those I-can’t-put-this-book-down kind of reads.  I remembered that my friend Shannon recently posted a picture of A Man Called Ove on IG, so I read a few reviews and downloaded it over the weekend.  I’m not quite done but so far so good!  I sense a lot more laugh-out-loud moments waiting for me as well as a few tears.

…TV show.  Big Little Lies.  You guys.  If you have access to HBO, watch this show!  Vishnu and I are hooked.  I read the book a few years ago and can attest to how well written/cast/everything the show is.  And the best part is (especially for those who have a hard time committing to TV shows) that it’s a seven episode miniseries.  No commitment issues here!

…food product.  Vishnu and I are back on the PB2 train.  After going through one too many big jars of peanut butter, we decided to switch to PB2 for our morning protein shakes.  Not that peanut butter is bad in any way, but when you consume it at the rate we do, it’s a real problem.  #PBaddicts

…upcoming events and trip.  My Indian/Atlanta baby shower, hosted by my mom and Vishnu’s mom, is in mid-April.  I can’t wait to go home and see my parents…and grandparents who will be flying in for the event.  We also have a few other family members and friends coming (on both sides), and I’m excited to spend time with them.  It’s so special when the most important people in your life are able to be a part of your big moments. Thankful to be surrounded by so many great humans!

My Chicago baby shower, hosted by Aekta and Roshni, is in mid-May, and again, I’m just so excited.  I’m not a self-celebrating person at all, but I love how excited everyone is to throw me and the baby a party!  And I honestly can’t wait to spend an afternoon with my girls!

Vishnu and I were thisclose to not planning a babymoon, but after some careful thought and consideration, we decided that we really wanted to go on a pre-baby trip.  Our last as a family of two!  So we’re making our way to Scottsdale, Arizona!  If you’ve been a MIS follower since the beginning, you may recall that I lived in Tucson for eight months back in 2010/2011 and that Arizona is my absolute favorite state.  It’s ridiculously gorgeous, so warm, and dotted with delicious Mexican restaurants.  I can’t wait to relax and do nothing for a few days!

…shopping moment.  When we woke up this past Saturday morning, I went through my plans for the day with Vishnu.  On my list was a Costco trip to pick up toilet paper and paper towels.  When Vishnu heard that I wanted to drive all the way to Costco for two things, he suggested that we look at to see if what I wanted was available online.  Sure enough, we found what I was looking for, didn’t have to pay any shipping, AND paid less in taxes.  Win, win, win!  I love it when retailers are good to their customers.

…social media tool.  I’m currently having a love affair with Pinterest.  And not for blog reasons but more so personal ones.  I love that I can pin/bookmark pretty much anything and have it all in one place when I need it.  I’m currently pinning a lot of baby related ‘stuff,’ including prenatal workouts.  Such a handy dandy little tool!

…overall moment.  Receiving good news after being letdown.  I promise to share more very soon (I’m no vague blogger!), but let’s just say that Vishnu and I received some upsetting news regarding our apartment a couple of weeks ago.  However, things are looking up now and should be a-ok.

 Your turn – Current favorite book?  TV show?  Food product?  Social media tool?

By Parita

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  1. MIS reader from the start right here <3! I'm SO excited to see Big Little Lies. I read the book ages ago and remember being totally gripped by it- I couldn't put it down! I'm currently having a moment with Mindy Project after a brief hiatus….she really cracks me up!
    Khushboo recently posted…Making the most of overripe bananasMy Profile

    1. Yes you are! And I’m so appreciative of that 🙂

      I quit Mindy Project with this past season. I really enjoyed the first few seasons but just felt like the show, specifically the acting, was going down. What season are you on right now?

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun things! Curious and hope you’re ok apt-wise! <3 xo sending good vibes your way! I LOVED Man Called Ove!
    • My current favorite show: Westworld. I'm playing catch up but bit Big Little Lies is on my list! I haven't read the book but I heard her book Truly Madly Guilty (wasn't a huge fan, but it was OK), but I love the cast of this show so I'm optimistic!
    • My current favorite book: TBD. I need something new to read! The last book I read was horrible. No books so far in 2017 have wow'd me! 🙁
    • Food product: Still on the Nuts'n'More Toffee Crunch nut butter. So so good and the macros was outstanding. Also loving Special K sea salt crackers made with quinoa. They are like CRACK!
    I hope I'll still get to see you when we come to Chicago weekend of April 7-9! Nephew bear's birthday shenanigans happen on Saturday, so hopefully we can meet you guys even if for breakfast or coffee before we head over to their place! Will keep you posted <3 xo

    1. Yes, all good now! In fact, better than we expected 🙂 Will fill you in when I see you in a couple of weeks!

  3. I loved A Man Called Ove, one of my v favorite reads from last year! I am also loving Big Little Lies, loved the book and I am loving the show.

    1. Excited to hear that! I’m not very far at all but really liking it so far.

      Also, BLL (the show) is SO good. I’m a little sad it’s over next week!

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