After a few packed weekends, this one unintentionally ended up being very lazy in most every way.  Not that I’m complaining or anything!  Vishnu and I know that in a few short months our weekends will look different…very different.


Friday night included a simple dinner + a few episodes of Iron Fist, a Netflix show based on the Marvel comic.  Vishnu was shocked when I sat down with him to watch and actually stayed seated.  Ha!


Saturday morning started a little bit later than I expected (perhaps due to one too many Iron Fist episodes!).  Vishnu and I spent the better part of an hour laying in bed feeling the baby move!  So much fun and a little strange to be honest.

After going back and forth on what to eat, I decided to make my Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Muffins.  The perfect Saturday morning breakfast.

Chocolate chip oatmeal muffins - My Inner Shakti

After a few more episodes of Iron Fist (Netflix and it’s continuous play, I tell you!), we finally peeled ourselves off the couch and made our way to Target and the grocery store.

While shopping, I asked Vishnu if he wanted to indulge a little, and when he said yes, I took him straight to the ice cream aisle.

His and hers ice cream

Once we got home, we settled in, made dinner, indulged in some delicious ice cream, and watched a few more episodes of…you guessed it…Iron Fist. 🙂


After sitting around most of the weekend, Vishnu and I wanted to kick Sunday off with a trip to the gym.  The EFX machine, free weights, and I had a fun little date!

Of course, sweaty workouts call for protein shakes.  

Sunday also calls for deep cleaning.  Vishnu and I divided and subsequently conquered everything in just under an hour.   Love me some good team work!

I ran a few errands in the afternoon, Vishnu and I watched the last few episodes of Iron Fist, and then we eventually made our way to a dinner date with my sister and Adarsh (more on this meal coming to The Blissful Veggie very soon!).

And that was our semi-lazy weekend in a nutshell!  On to a packed work week…

Your turn – what did you do this weekend?  What was the last show you binge watched and actually enjoyed?

By Parita

5 thoughts on “A Semi-Lazy Weekend”
  1. I’ve heard some people absolutely hate that show! REB is watching through it first (binge watching really). I need to watch as well, but, I’m trying to finish Westworld first 🙂
    I binge watched Daredevil (both seasons) and The Wire. So so good!! My weekend was chill! Saw Beauty and the Beast, worked out, had another instagram-foodie meetup and played The Sims 😉 haha

  2. As much as I love jam-packed weekends, I equally relish the more relaxing ones….yours sounds ideal :)! Mumbai needs to get on board with Talenti- that ice cream flavour sounds SO up my alley!! Last TV show I binge watched was This is Us on my flight back from China- best way to kill time on a flight ha!
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