As you guys know, I’m obsessed with This is Us.  Tuesdays bring a sense of pure happiness (because I love the show so much) and a sense of dread (because I know the tears will be flowing).  The past few weeks were no different, as I sobbed my way through most every episode.  Such a human show!

The season finale aired this past week, and while it didn’t induce as many tears, the last five minutes were as equally heartbreaking as they were heartwarming.  No worries, I’m not going to give anything away!

Two of the main characters get into a heated argument and one asks the other, “Why do you love me?”  At first, there is no response, but then the next morning, this particular character blows us away, as he always does, with his answer.  That’s when my tears start!

Why do you love me?


After the episode ended, I looked at Vishnu and asked, “Why do you love me?”  Without an ounce of hesitation, he said, “I love you because you make me feel more like me than anyone I’ve ever known.”

[Cue more tears!]

My husband is the sweetest man ever (when he wants to be!), and with that answer, I’m pretty sure he could be on the This is Us writing staff!

Happy Friday, all!  And when you say I love you to the special people in your life, be sure to tell them why.  It’ll make their day!

By Parita

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