TTC (trying to conceive) is not always easy process.  Fun but not easy!  Of course, every couple is different, but in the time we tried, I learned a big lesson…

When TTC, do not Google the strange symptoms you may or may not be experiencing.  Trust me, until you have a positive test result in hand, Google is not your friend.  And even then…it’s questionable.  In fact, it’s a stress inducer!

Now, before you dismiss me, hear me out.  You can pretty much type anything in the search bar and find someone somewhere who’s experienced whatever it is that your feeling.

For example, I couldn’t sleep through the night for the life of me (for about a week), so of course, I Googled “sleeplessness + early pregnancy” and found hundreds of women who also experienced the same thing and ended up being pregnant.  Me?  Not so much.

Google - sleeplessness + early pregnancy

Oh there are other examples where that came from.  I had a cold in the middle of the summer, which I thought was super strange, so I Googled “cold + early pregnancy.”  Yep.  You guessed it.  I found at least three pregnancy threads where women experienced the same thing and ended up pregnant. Me?  Not so much.

Google - cold + early pregnancy

You guys.  I had light cramps (not around that time of month), so I Googled “light cramps + early pregnancy.”  I don’t know why I bothered because of course pregnant women experience cramps.  Ay!

Google - light cramps + early pregnancy

There are probably a few more examples I’m conveniently forgetting right now.

The irony is that when I was actually pregnant, I didn’t Google a thing.  Something just felt different, so I took a test.  And that’s how I learned our happy news.

Bottom line: Google is great for a lot of things, but when you’re TTC, it can potentially cause more confusion and heartbreak than good.  Take my word for it.  I’ve been there and done that multiple times.  In my personal experience, no matter what your pregnancy journey looks like, stress inducers should be avoided whenever possible.  Google being one of them.

By Parita

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