We’re having a…

Gender reveal baby boy

Vishnu and I and both of our families are beyond thrilled to welcome a BABY BOY into our lives come July!

We didn’t want to make a big to do out of the reveal, but we did want to do something fun with our families where we all learned the sex of the baby together.

To make a semi-long story short, I ordered a dozen cupcakes from Molly’s Cupcakes the day before our ultrasound appointment.  I asked if they could manage a same day fill and ice type of situation for us, and the kind manager said he would make it work!  After our appointment, we took a specially designated envelope marked “For the bakery” to Molly’s and asked them to fill our cupcakes with blue or pink icing depending on the note in the envelope.

Gender reveal baby boy

Then we waited about 6.5 hours until my sister and Adarsh returned from their trip to Spain (they flew home on Friday afternoon) and our Atlanta families were home from work.

Once everyone was in position and ready to go…

Gender reveal baby boy

…Vishnu and I each picked a cupcake, grabbed our respective knives, and cut our cakes in half.

Gender reveal baby boy

Upon seeing the blue icing, I immediately teared up (in a good way)!  It was such a beautiful and surreal moment.  To finally know.

Like I said, we’re all beyond thrilled to welcome our little nugget into this world.  Vishnu and I spent a good portion of the weekend talking about everything we’re going to do with our boy – visits to the park, museum adventures, dance parties, soccer games, swim lessons, etc.

We’re going to have a baby boy…a mama’s boy! 🙂

By Parita

11 thoughts on “Baby Boy or Baby Girl?”
  1. In true Parita style, you came up with this awesome surprise unveiling process – LOVE!!!!! Congratulations – you’re going to be an amazing momma 💙💙💙💙💙

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