Before I share the thoughts I’ve been holding in for weeks, I must preface this post with a clear disclosure.  I am NOT a medical professional or pregnancy fitness expert.  ALWAYS consult your doctor before engaging in prenatal workouts.  

With that out of the way, let’s begin!

Pregnacy Fitness Mindset and Resources


When it comes to my pregnancy fitness mindset, I have one goal and that’s to stay active.  Whether that means reaching my step goal outside of the gym, taking a 30 minute walk, or doing a strength routine, staying active is incredibly important to me.  And for once in my life, it isn’t for me (well, maybe a little bit!).  It’s mostly for my baby, as I truly believe my prenatal fitness only helps keep me and the baby strong and healthy.

With all of that being said, it’s incredibly important to listen to your body while exercising.  The moment I feel a little more out of breath than I’m comfortable with, I slow down or stop.  If I start cramping, I stop.  While it’s important for me to exercise 4-5 days a week, it’s not something I’m willing to risk my health or my baby’s health for.  There’s always time to get to work after July!

I’ve also read that a good prenatal fitness routine helps with labor (hopefully makes it a tiny bit easier!).  Even if 1% of what I’ve read is true, it’s enough to keep me sweating!


YouTube and the gym in our building have been exactly what this mama-to-be needs to keep up with her fitness.  Because I’m not well-versed in pregnancy fitness, I prefer to rely on other people’s expertise as guidance.

My weekly workouts consist of some combination of the following – 35-45 minutes of wogging on the dreadmill/EFX machine, a YouTube cardio video, a YouTube strength video, and/or a prenatal strength workout via Pinterest.

Here are a few of my favorite YouTube prenatal fitness resources:

BodyFit by Amy – My favorite videos include the cardio, core, kickboxing, and strength (with weights).  And I basically love Amy – she’s so inspiring and encouraging!

Jessica Smith TV – The strength workout is no joke!  It’s only 20 minutes, but I was sore for two days.

Bollywood prenatal dance video – I like to combine this video with Amy’s strength workout or a Pinterest strength workout.  It’s only 15 minutes, but the dance moves definitely get your heart pumping!

Mumberry – This 8 part series (8 five minute videos) is an awesome overall fitness routine, and it’s also great when broken down into the individual videos, especially when you’re short on time.

My pregnancy fitness Pinterest board – I recently started this board and hope to add to it over the next few months.  There are some great routines out there!

Happy Friday, friends!

Your turn – what workout are you loving right now (pregnant or not)?

By Parita

9 thoughts on “Pregnancy Fitness – Mindset + Resources”
  1. I was too nauseous during most of my pregnancy to really workout but afterwards I bought and LOVE Sarah Haley’s post-natal DVD. She has a different DVD set for during pregnancy that I plan to get when we are ready for baby #2 one day.

    1. I tried doing a prenatal yoga video and found myself getting frustrated. I may sign up for a class in the coming weeks!

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