You guys!  MIS turned six last Saturday.  SIX!  So many emotions!  More than anything, I’m so glad I started this little space [on a whim] all those years ago.  Best decision ever.

MIS will always be my first baby.  My first big creative undertaking.  And it’s not going anywhere.  In fact, I have so much I want to share in the coming months.  Just need to find the time and energy to do it!

With all of that being said, I felt a pull towards creating something new at the end of 2016.  Something that had a little more focus.

As you all know, I LOVE food – talking about it, eating it, reading about it, making it, writing about it, etc.  It’s a true passion of mine.  And while I have shared my love for food on MIS quite a bit over the past six years, I always resisted going too far down that vein, particularly with detailed restaurant reviews. I even started a series last year, but it didn’t stick because it didn’t feel like the right space to share those kinds of posts.

To make a longish story short, I moved forward with an idea inspired by a few different people including Vishnu, my coworkers, and my good blogger friend Kacy (if you live in the DC area her site is a must visit food resource !) and started my own vegetarian restaurant review site.  It’s called The Blissful Veggie, and it’s now my second ‘creative’ baby!

The Blissful Veggie

The site itself isn’t perfect, but I absolutely love having a space to share my thoughts on all of the vegetarian restaurant meals I eat.

If you’re interested in TBV’s backstory, check out the site!  And follow TBV on Instagram and Twitter!

And last but not least, thank you for your support over the years!  I’m so thankful for each and every person who supports and visits MIS (and hopefully TBV!).


By Parita

5 thoughts on “The Blissful Veggie – The Start of Something New”
  1. As a vegetarian (family) living in Chicago, I am really excited about your new venture! Good luck and thank you for scoping out some good veggie options for us! 🙂

  2. I love this idea!! While I didn’t start a blog, I did get a separate insta-account just for food-related posts b/c it was getting to be too much on the personal one haha. I look forward to seeing/reading your reviews!

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