I’m in a contemplative/sharing mood today, so here are my random Friday thoughts in no particular order…

Random Friday Thoughts

  1. I usually dislike it when people say this, but it feels very necessary this week…I’ve been waiting for Friday since Monday.  Likely because last weekend didn’t feel like a weekend, so I’m looking forward to having 2.25 days to enjoy at my leisure.
  2. Speaking of the weekend, we have some fun plans in the mix.  First, Vishnu and I have reservations at Grange Hall Burger Bar.  My coworker Erin tells me that the veggie burger is one of the best she’s ever tasted.  I confirmed Erin’s opinion of the burger after reading Yelp reviews. Some people went as far as saying this particular burger could potentially turn them into vegetarians!  Second, I’m attending the Chicago Women’s March on Saturday morning.  I can’t wait to march alongside thousands of other women and allies to protect our rights and civil liberties.  Third, my coworker/good friend Thea and her husband along with another friend and her husband are coming over for dinner on Saturday night.  I can’t wait to kick back, eat some [hopefully] good food, and play board games!  And finally, Sunday is dedicated to rest and prepping for the week ahead.
  3. I’m on a face mask kick right now.  Thea recently introduced me to some amazing brands, and my skin is loving the extra attention.  I want to use them more consistently before sharing a full review but so far so good!
  4. I can’t believe it’s the end of the Obama presidency.  The end of an era if you ask me.  Thank you, President Obama, for your leadership and vision.  You’ve inspired an entire generation.  The next four years will not be the same, but I have high hopes for a bright future.
  5. Is anyone else watching this season of The Bachelor?  I am, and it’s just as dramatic as I hoped it would be (one word – Corrine).  I particularly enjoy watching because all of my coworkers and my sister watch, so it’s fun to swap notes.
  6. A post like this would feel incomplete without any mention of Chicago weather.  You guys, the high on Saturday is 53 degrees!!!  I literally whooped when I saw the weather report.
  7. When my friend Erin started wearing a backpack to work a few months ago, I took notice.  I decided to jump on the trend and purchased the same bag as Erin.  BEST DECISION EVER!  Let me explain – Chicago winters are no joke with the layers of clothing you have to put on before stepping outside.  A shoulder back doesn’t cut it with a big poofy jacket.  Not to mention the back pain that comes with a heavy bag.  I’ve been using my new backpack for a week now, and I can’t gush enough.  It’s lightweight and cute.  Love, love love.
  8. One of my best friends had her baby this week, and she’s the cutest little thing ever!  I love her so much already!
  9. We watched a clip from Any Given Sunday at the workshop last weekend, so when I came home, one of the first things I said to Vishnu was that I wanted to watch it sometime soon.  The scene we watched was so powerful!
  10. I honestly can’t think of a 10th thought, so I’ll leave you with this – CHEERS TO THE FREAKIN WEEKEND!  Make it a great one!

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