I’m back from an unintentional one week blog break.  Hello!

To be really honest, my thoughts and emotions were a little all over the place last week.  The outcome of the election shook me to my core.  For me, it isn’t about the political parties, it’s about the candidates.  I know both HRC and Trump and their campaigns had/have their flaws, but in my eyes, fear won.

MIS is in no shape or form a political blog.  But it is a space where I share my personal thoughts.  I struggled with whether or not to even share my personal views about the election.  And there’s no possible way I can put into writing everything I’ve felt and thought over the last few days. But I’ll try to shed some light because I think it’s important to hear people’s personal takes whenever possible.

My parents (and so many of my relatives) came to this country with two suitcases and $50.  That’s it.  They immigrated to the land of opportunity and freedom because they wanted more out of life.  They wanted more for their children.  And for the last 34 years, they have given back to this country in so many ways.  My parents are honest and hardworking people who call America home.  Like so many millions of others, they are they American dream personified.

On Wednesday morning, when I heard about the election results, I cried.  It felt like none of the above mattered anymore.  It felt like everything shifted overnight.

What’s worse is I know what I felt is just a fraction of what other people felt and continue to feel, and I can’t even imagine what that’s like right now.

However, there’s nothing we can do at this point.  So now I’m trying hard to turn my disappointment and sadness into hope.  I hope and pray that America continues to be the land of opportunity and freedom.  And I truly hope and pray Trump is a successful president for EVERYONE.  If he succeeds, we all succeed.

Finally, I hope and pray each of us continues to own and share our personal American story and help others do the same.

Wishing everyone lots of love and peace on this fine Monday!

By Parita

6 thoughts on “All Over the Place”
  1. I completely agree with you!!! But I think that while there is little that could prevent him from becoming president (electoral college can still change their votes but it’s a bit of a long shot) I am SO SO happy to see protests on the streets, and sharing of voices and stories like yours. Hopefully Washington will hear us and at least take our thoughts into account when making key decisions.
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  2. I can relate. I woke up wednesday morning and cried. There was so much hate and fear, and it’s sad people voted for him. I am glad to see protests, it shows me that not everyone is about racism. It’s important that he elects the right people in office, we just have to hope for the best. There are crimes in NYC, a liberal city, and I can only imagine what’s going on in other cities. It’ll be okay!
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