Everyone, and I mean everyone, should have a power phrase!

What’s a power phrase, you ask?  Well, it’s the phrase that makes you believe and feel like you can do anything.  When repeated over and over again (most likely silently), this phrase will give you the extra boost of confidence you need.

For example, before I have to present or talk in front of a group of people in a more formal setting, I run my power phrase on replay in my mind. It’s crazy how this one phrases erases any trace of doubt (well, almost any trace) I place on my abilities.

What’s your phrase, you ask?  Ok, so don’t laugh, but it’s…

This is my house!!!

This is my house - a power phrase

The next logical question would be, “Why this phrase?”  Well, let me explain.

In my last job, a part of one of our development sessions included a three day workshop with trained actors.  For those three days, we worked on our energy level, our presence, and our presentation skills.  I honestly don’t remember everything we learned (it was five years ago!), but the one thing that really stuck was the tip about having a power phrase.  “This is my house” was something one of my colleagues came up with and shared, and I absolutely loved how fun(ny) it sounded in my head and yet how bold it made me feel at the same time.  As someone once told me, a confident smile goes a long way!

The thing about power phrases is that they don’t guarantee success.  You may still fall flat on your face, but at least you did it with confidence!  For example, my power phrase comes into play when dealing with difficult people.  It brings me to stand just that much taller.  Like with the mean lady at the post office.  Did I necessarily walk away owning the interaction?  Nope, not at all.  But I also didn’t cower in fear.  Win!

With all of that being said, tell me – what’s your power phrase? 

By Parita

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