Talk about a super cheesy weekend.  Literally.  We ate a lot of cheese filled meals.  When dinnertime rolled around on Sunday, all I wanted was a huge salad.  That’s how you know we ate a lot of cheese!

On Friday, we enjoyed a good (not great) dinner at Ema, a new-to-us Mediterranean restaurant.  I plan to share more later this week, but while our meal wasn’t all that we hoped for, the overall experience was really fun.  I love date night!

Ema Chicago

We spent Saturday morning being lazy before heading out to run errands and buy a few things for the apartment.  Our shopping adventure took us to Home Goods, CB2, and Z Gallerie.  Browsing was the name of the game at the last two!

Our last stop of the day was the grocery store where Vishnu mentioned doing a wine (in our case beer) and cheese night.  Date night part two!  I obviously said yes, and with the help of the store’s resident cheese expert, we picked three cheeses, along with bread, beer, and olives to round out our meal.  I need to go back and look at the names of the cheeses we ended up buying because they tasted really good together. All I know is that we bought a block of white cheddar, Goat Gouda, and a cheese made with Merlot.  So much yum!

Beer and cheese date night in

While we munched on dinner, we watched a movie called The First Time, a high school rom-com.  I can’t say I loved it, but it was cute enough with great dialogue.  AND I didn’t fall asleep, so that’s definitely something.

We spent the majority of Sunday at my friend Thea’s house watching football with her and her husband Justin.  We ate [cheesy] pizza and watched Red Zone (a football lover’s dream).  It was nice to hang out and just relax.  For us (me), Sundays are usually filled with lots of little house things, so this was a nice alternative!  Thea and I even made a trip to Nordstrom Rack to look for booties (while I didn’t find any booties, I did find a few other goodies!).

The rest of the night involved actual grocery shopping for the week and big huge salads!

And just like that it’s Monday again.  Make it a good one!

Your turn – what did you do/eat this weekend?  Tell me all about it!

By Parita

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – A Super Cheesy One”
  1. A weekend of cheese sounds like a good weekend! My weekend was pretty fun. Aside from a Michigan State loss (ugh), I had some killer workouts at the gym, went to my friends for the night to have a crafty girls night, watched Sixteen Candles, a workout with her and then going to this Vintage Market fair where it was like Shabby Chic threw up every where! Walked away with a vintage camera and a window pane I plan to hang above our guest bedroom bed! Food-wise, I got takeout from our favorite brunch spot on Saturday, basically ate that for the whole day (the things we got are HUGE plates), my friend made me a cookie skillet which was a game changer and then REB and I had yummy vegetarian sushi on Sunday when I got home. I now need all the salads as well haha.
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  2. Mmm all that cheese looks so good!!! I’ve recently gotten into red wine so your Saturday night just sounds ideal ! It was my sister’s birthday on Sunday so my weekend involved plenty of celebrations and delicious food, including the most incredible dessert: milk chocolate cookies with Frosties ice cream!

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