First of all, it’s Friday.  Woo hoo!

I’m excited about the weekend because the weather is beautiful in Chicago right now, I feel a lot better (the first part of the week was just icky), and we have a few fun activities in the mix.  A nice Fall (!!!) weekend!

With that, I thought I’d keep the fun, upbeat vibe going and share some Friday things (versus a deep, rambling, self-help type post). 🙂  From brain to blog if you will (still rambling but whatever)!


This picture has no other purpose other than to showcase beautiful Chicago and my husband’s iPhone photography skills!  Also, I don’t have any other pics to share…so…yeah!

I want to start painting my nails more regularly.  Pretty nails make me feel just a little more put together.  However, I need a little more practice to ensure my coats are even and not gloppy.  I hear the Gel Setter Top Coat by Essie is great, especially for those of whose nails look like a three-year-old painted them!  I’m going to buy this very soon and will report back with my findings.

You guys know that I’m a raving fan of Oh She Glows.  Her first cookbook is still a go to.  I make her African Peanut Stew on a weekly basis and can’t get enough!  I’m so looking forward to sitting down with her newest cookbook, Oh She Glows Every Day, because it looks just as amazing. Again, I’ll report back

You guys!  Fall TV is back next week!!!!!  I can’t freaking wait.  I’m looking forward to Big Bang Theory and Modern Family the most!

Tonight is date night in.  This means that we’re cooking something together, staying in, and watching a move (aka falling asleep on the couch!). Can’t wait!  We’re trying our hand at homemade ricotta and spinach ricotta in a brown butter sage sauce.  If it turns out half as good as it sounds, I’ll share the recipe.

Chicago is known for its summer festivals (i.e. food, drinks, music).  We definitely didn’t take advantage of these fun events as much as we should have. So we’re doing our part on Saturday and hitting up the Lakeview Taco Fest.  I already scoped out all of the participating restaurants and am a little too excited to eat ALL THE TACOS!

While we’re pretty settled in our new place, there’s still a lot of decorating left to do.  Vishnu and I are big picture people, so to create room for all of the photos we want to share, he bought this beautiful leaning ladder style book shelf.  Admittedly, I don’t know much about what makes a book shelf good quality versus not, but this one is apparently amazing and a great deal (according to Vishnu).

And finally, did you guys check out my post about Next Vacay? If not, I highly recommend reading my take on this travel deal site.  If you’re constantly on the hunt for cheap airfare to far away places, Next Vacay is for you.  Even if you find one awesome deal, it’ll be worth the small up front investment. Get on it!

And that is it!  Happy Friday (and weekend)!  Make it a great one. 🙂

Your turn – what’s one thing you’re really looking forward to this weekend?

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By Parita

6 thoughts on “From Brain to Blog – Friday Things”
  1. I had the most fun decorating my office/reading room in our house so if you want any tips, let me know!! REB has pretty much given me free reign to decorate our house however I want since he’s not really into that, and although I was scared he wouldn’t go for some of the things I’ve done, he’s loved everything so far! Phew! Can we talk about nails for a second?! I am obsessed with the thought of having Chrome nails (thanks Deepica lol). I want some so badly, so I might try to find a place that can do a chrome manicure near me during the Wolverine football game. I’m looking forward to editing my pictures from Denver and updating/uploading some posts about the trip, seeing my friends and their new baby and having a possibly foodie meetup with some Detroit vegetarian foodies! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the offer. I may take you up on that! And Deepica’s chrome nails look so cool, but I’m not sure I can pull them off! Maybe one day 🙂

  2. I’m so excited to pick out a fall color, definitely Essie. I have to see what’s in. It’s turning into fall in nyc.. it’s nice, i love the crisp air.
    Your dish sounds so gourmet, sage in a brown butter sauce.. hello! Ravioli goes well with sage.
    I have to check out her cookbook. I remember you talking about the african stew, i just didn’t realize you made it so often.
    Nisha @ Honey What’s Cooking recently posted…Casual & Reasonable EATS in St. Thomas USVIMy Profile

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