I’m back to share more about Next Vacay, the amazing travel site created by my good friends Naveen and Shaylee.

You guys, this site is what you wished and hoped for as you planned your vacations and kept an eye on your bank account.  It’s the site I wish existed when Vishnu and I were deciding on where to go for our honeymoon and our medical school graduation trip.  It’s the site I now get super excited to receive emails from because I know a world of travel deals is waiting for me.  And it’s the site I know you all will find valuable beyond belief.

Next Vacay - travel deal site

With all of that being said, let’s get into some of the details behind Next Vacay – who it’s great for, how it works, why people are loving it, and what’s next.  Let’s get started!

Who Next Vacay is Great For

Next Vacay is perfect for frequent travelers who can’t ever seem to find a deal!  It’s great for those who want the deals but don’t want to jump through the numerous hoops that often come with travel hacking.  People who don’t love the research part of planning a trip will also love Next Vacay, as will those who can travel on short notice.

In that list of four descriptors, I’m most definitely the second one.  I want all the deals but can’t stand having to apply for credit cards or special offers.  No thank you!  And that’s exactly why Next Vacay is so freakin’ great!

Before we get to how it works, let me share a little bit more about my friends Naveen and Shaylee, the genius couple behind Next Vacay.

Naveen and his wife, Shaylee, created this software (because Naveen is super smart and fits things like this in to his spare time!), which they used to search countless airfare sites to find cheap flights. They would search the airports closest to them and limit their search to the places they wanted to travel to with the best deals and discounts. With the search algorithm in place, they would get alerts from their system with the most amazing deals, which obviously prompted them to travel more and make their friends jealous (including me!).

Naveen and Shaylee purchased roundtrip airfare to India for $300 each.  $300!!!  Because they’re awesome and couldn’t keep this secret to themselves, they started helping their friends and eventually decided to share this with the world.

Sooner than later their friends started getting the same kinds of deals. All of the following are roundtrip prices: Paris – $425, Australia – $580, Iceland – $278, San Jose – $273, and Greece – $393. INSANITY!

Beach Vacation

“Every single deal is reviewed and assembled by hand by us. We know you have bosses and family to talk to before booking. This is why we do not send last-minute deals. We put ourselves in the shoes of someone who has to request paid time off and coordinate with a partner who also likely has to do the same. The deals we send include links to real ticket itineraries for desirable weekends like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.”  -Naveen

How Next Vacay Works

  1. Go the Next Vacay site and input the closest airport to you (only US, Canada, Europe, & Australia).
  2. Sign up for a one month free trial.
  3. Receive emails straight to your inbox with the places you want to go at affordable (and often unbelievable) prices! All quote prices are round-trip.
  4. Find the deal you’re looking for and book directly with the airline. I love this because booking direct is a life saver if your flight is delayed or canceled.
  5. If you’re happy with the deals you’re receiving, pay the $25 annual fee and continue to reap the benefits
  6. Don’t find a deal you like in 6 months? Get your money back! As simple as that!
  7. In a year’s time, you’ll be reminded before your card is charged in case you don’t want to continue.
  8. That. Is. It.

Why People are Loving Next Vacay

If I had to take a wild guess, I would say people love this site because it requires ZERO work on their part!  All you have to do is sign up.

Sailing vacation

But don’t take it from me.  Here’s what Naveen has found to be true:

“No other website monitors every single airport for deals. Other sites expect you to find your own way to a big city to take advantage of a handful of deals. We’ve found a way to get amazing deals for members in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Billings, MT so even folks in smaller cities are taken care of.”

“I can send deals from Atlanta to Tulsa or from Cleveland to Baltimore but the reality is… that doesn’t make most people excited. That’s why I send deals like to Atlanta to India for $718, NYC to Iceland for <$500 and so on.”

How I Plan to Use Next Vacay

Vishnu and I are starting to feel a little burnt out as the end of the year approaches, and the only way we know how to reenergize ourselves is by taking a trip.  The thing is we have no clue where we want to go.  All we know is that it has to happen in the December to March timeframe, and it has to be budget friendly.

Next Vacay is PERFECT for this situation because it will help us narrow down possible locations that won’t break the bank.  I’m already seeing amazing deals to places like Greece, Dubai, and Chile.

Next Vacay email deals

Naveen and Shaylee, we thank you in advance!

What’s Next for Next Vacay

Next Vacay is very much a new company, and it’s also small but mighty.  They going to start offering more personalized options soon which will make it ever easier for you to go on your dream vacation.

“One of the most requested features is to allow our members to pick just one top spot in the world they want to go to next. We’ll then text members when that deal is on sale so you can take immediate action. For example, if you live in Columbus, Ohio and it’s been your dream to go to Bali, you’ll tell us to watch out for Bali deals for you. We’ll then tell you that we found a $371 deal from SF to Bali and your flight from Columbus to SF is $400 making the total cost to go to Bali $771 from Columbus which is still at least a $1000 per person savings.

Next Vacay Home screen

You can sign up on their website and follow them on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. As a bonus for My Inner Shakti readers, they are offering business class deal alerts for 3 months.  Just use a link from this blog post to let Naveen know you came from MIS.

If you decide to take the next step and sign up for Next Vacay, I know you won’t be disappointed.  In fact, your inner travel junkie will thank you (and me…and Naveen and Shaylee!).

Your turn – what are your top three bucket list destinations?

I was compensated for my time in writing this Next Vacay review, but as always, all opinions are my own!

By Parita

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  1. What an interesting concept! REB and I are planning our next international trip for 2017 (probably in Feb/March) and this might be the thing to use to figure out where to go. We have some ideas of where to go, but maybe this could help narrow it down for us…
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    1. This is perfect for that kind of planning! The only issue is that when you see the awesome prices, all you’ll want to do is travel!

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