This weekend was so different from the past few.  Basically, we didn’t do too much (aside from the usual errands). I likely needed the rest seeing that I now feel a cold/cough coming on (trying my best to fight it off with lots of OJ and vitamin C drops).  Eeep!

Anyways, instead of running through a semi-uneventful weekend in the usual fashion, I thought I’d only share the highlights.

So here are the six not so exciting things things we did this weekend.

1. We watched Money Monster on Friday night.  I wanted to LOVE this movie because George and Julia of course, but I only ended up semi-liking it.  The first half started off strong, and then the end kind of slowly faded in terms of keeping my interest.  Do I recommend watching it once?  Yes. Would I watch it again?  No.

2. We went to Costco on Saturday afternoon and spent way too much money (all on stuff we needed of course!).  But the bigger point is that the store wasn’t nearly as packed as I expected it to be.  That alone made for a very pleasant shopping experience.  What didn’t make for a fun shopping experience was the lady demonstrating how to grill queso cheese snapping at me for taking a piece.  That’s what I thought it was there for!

3. I took a 2.5 hour “power” nap on Saturday afternoon.  And it was glorious!  I was all kinds of tired after coming home from Costco, so I told Vishnu I wanted to take a 30 minute nap.  Well, when my alarm went off, I just couldn’t pull myself out of bed.  So I stayed for another 120 minutes.  Ha!

4. We hung out with Adarsh, Aekta, and a few of their friends on Saturday night.  It was a lot of fun despite me being the only non-physician in the room.  I knew what I was walking into!  I even came bearing a gift (per the recommendation of my coworker) – ice cream sandwiches from Trader Joe’s.  SO good!

5. Sunday ended up being dominated by the one and only…football!  I watched a few games with Vishnu and did my own thing some of the time.  My fantasy team didn’t show up, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose this week.  Boo!  I’m playing Thea though, so I don’t mind that much.

6. And finally, Vishnu and I tag teamed this Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala recipe.  According to Vishnu, it turned out really really good and super delicious, but didn’t quite taste like tikka masala.  More like his mom’s chicken curry (I know that’s super helpful!).  Regardless, if you’re looking for a delicious Indian slow cooker recipe, this one definitely fits the bill.

And with that, have a wonderful Monday!

Your turn – what was the highlight of your weekend?

By Parita

6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Six Not So Exciting Things”
  1. Those unexpected naps are the best…and clearly your body needed it, P! Hope you are feeling better! I saw Money Monster when it was out in the cinema and really enjoyed it. However I don’t think it’s the kind of movie you can watch more than once. The highlight of my weekend was spontaneous night on Saturday with a girlfriend who I hadn’t hung out with in forever! There’s something to the whole ‘go with the flow’ concept ha!
    Khushboo recently posted…If we were having coffee IIIMy Profile

  2. I’m not a big napper, but when I do, I tend to take really long ones like you did! Sometimes that’s our body’s way of saying, “Thanks! I needed this!”. My weekend was really great – I was in Denver with my friend who just moved there! I’m slowly trying to figure out the posts I want to write about the trip! 🙂
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