You guys, it’s FriYAY!  I’ve been waiting for today since…well, Monday!  My mantra this week has been “just get to Friday.”  And now it’s here.  YAY!

It hasn’t been a bad week or anything like that.  Just jam packed.  So much going on!  I’m ready to relax a little.

I’m also ready to share some fun ‘stuff’ (for lack of a better word) – updates, events, books, etc.  Lots to talk about!  Let’s get started…

1 – London

I’m headed to London next week for a work!  I’ll be there for just over 48 hours (a super short trip) and can’t wait to see my coworkers and eat Pret’s porridge.  It’s going down!

Big Ben in London

2 – New equipment in our gym

I walked into our gym on Tuesday (after a few days away), went through a strength circuit, and then headed to the treadmill for an interval run.  It took me a few minutes, but I quickly realized that we have new cardio equipment.  Best day ever!  It’s so pretty and clean.

New cardio equipment at the gym

3 – When Breath Becomes Air

So I’ll be honest.  I’m only a little over half way through When Breath Becomes Air, but I already believe it’s one of those books that everyone needs to read.  It’s deeply beautiful and inspiring, and I won’t lie, very sad at times.  The other night, I cried myself to sleep…in a good way.  I know how silly that sounds, and I won’t even try to explain it.   All I can say is, you have to read the book.  It’s one you won’t soon forget.

Also, I was shocked when I saw that this book has over 4,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating!

4 – Sharpie pens

If you’ve been searching for the world’s best pens, stop right now.  I have exactly what you’re looking for!

Sharpie pens

The Sharpie pen is life changing.  The ink doesn’t bleed through paper, the fine point tip is so precise, and it’s smear-proof.  Not to mention, it makes your handwriting look that much better (yes, even mine!).

I’ve pretty much convinced half our office that the Sharpie pen is the only way to write.  Now if only Sharpie was looking for a passionate spokesperson!

5 – Fantasy Football draft

I joined my friend (and coworker) Thea’s fantasy football league last year and had so much fun that I decided to do it all over again this year!  With last year being my first participating in an established league, I didn’t know what I was doing.  I didn’t finish in last place, but I definitely stumbled my way through the season.  This year I’m going in with a plan…or at the very least a list!

My favorite part about this year’s draft is that it falls on Thea’s birthday!  Can’t wait to celebrate with her.

6 – Labor Day weekend visitors

For Labor Day this year, Vishnu and I are hosting our families as we all spend the long weekend together celebrating both of our dads’ birthdays (milestone ones at that!).  I can’t wait to see everyone!  I have a pretty detailed agenda and plan to ensure we make the most of our time together. I’ll share more soon!

Annnnnnd…that’s all she wrote!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Your turn – what’s something you’re passionately loving right now?

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By Parita

7 thoughts on “End of the Week Rundown”
  1. First off: HOORAY FOR NEW EQUIPMENT. I love when my gym gets new toys for us to use. We just got the hex bar for deadlifts and it’s life-changing. Secondly, in addition to Sharpie Pens (which are my go-to and I discovered while writing out invitation addresses for the wedding), you must try this pen: — ALSO LIFE CHANGING. Exciting you get to go to London! I wish I still traveled for my job! I am going to add that book to my list of “want to read” in Goodreads too – thanks for recommending! What I’m passionately loving right now: my new iPhone case that has a built-in wallet. Makes my life so much easier!
    Aparna B. recently posted…Five Thoughts on the Last Five YearsMy Profile

  2. im joining fantasy league with some of my friends and i clearly have no clue what im doing..oh well im looking forward to it – we are doing our draft on Sunday 🙂

    i love that pen!!!!!!

    im currently reading the goldfinch, i need a whole day of doing nothing but reading that book..soooooooo good. i will definitely check out the book you recommended.

    have a lovely weekend.

  3. What a great post.. it was a quick read. You know, I hate reading, and you always talk about these books you read, and this time you inspired me to pick it up because you cried yourself to sleep… sometimes we just need a good cry. I will check it out. 🙂
    I still have to try that Pret Porridge, I know it’s not like NYC, so until I visit London again. 🙂
    Honey, What’s Cooking recently posted…Upscale & Delicious Mexican at Red O | Newport Beach, CAMy Profile

  4. “Just get to Friday”? Oooh that’s a shame, you should relish every day. But I understand, you just want to relax.
    What is the prize for the winner in the fantasy football league?
    I’m just looking into these types of things at the moment, so researching up on them because it makes me curious.

    1. Some friends of mine had their own fantasy league, and one of the members decided to make the prize something nobody really wanted, but cost a lot of money, haha.
      So, curious to know what you guys are playing for in your competition.
      James recently posted…Betting on Computer Games?My Profile

    2. It’s a $30 buy in so the winner gets a big chunk of money plus people get $2 a week every time they win a match up. It’s fun!

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