I feel like beauty blogging/YouTubing has taken off in the past few years.  And I love it!  My bank account?  Not so much.

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While I don’t follow a ton of YouTubers, there are four in particular that I try to keep up with on a regular basis.  Not only do these women share wonderful reviews and tutorials on their channels, but they bring their entire personality with them.  They interact with their followers as if they are friends.  Not that novel in this new digital world but very much appreciated!

If you love beauty products as much as I do or if you want to learn how to apply makeup or if you want to know whether you should splurge on that lipstick, these four beauty gurus have you covered.

With that, here are four must follow beauty YouTubers!

Sazan Hendrix – Not only is she gorgeous, but Sazan’s videos are fun to watch, and her tutorials are easy to follow.  Personally, I follow along for the beauty tips and tricks as well as the relationship videos she creates with her husband Stevie.  Sometimes I make/force/whatever Vishnu to watch with me!

Sona Gasparian – Sona is a former makeup artist.  Her videos are so put together, and her product reviews and tutorials are well thought out and super informative.

Teni Panosian – Teni is probably the most edgy (ish) beauty blogger I follow.  Like the others, her stuff is great, but what I love most about Teni is her honesty.  You can tell when she absolutely loves a product, and when she doesn’t, she says so.

Deepica Mutyala – Deepica’s story is inspiring, and it’s been fun to watch her channel and brand grow.  Her very first video about how to cover dark circles with red lipstick is just over a year old and has over 9 million views!  Deepica is a favorite because she’s obviously South Asian like me, and many of her reviews are catered to that population.  So appreciated because it really can be hard to find products that work on darker skin tones.

If you haven’t jumped on the beauty YouTube bandwagon, I highly suggest you start with these four channels and go from there.  You won’t be disappointed!

Your turn – what are some of your favorite YouTube beauty channels?  

By Parita

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