Figureoutable is not a Parita term.  I only heard of it very recently while watching a Marie Forleo Super Soul Sunday episode.  This was one of those random things I watched while sitting at my desk and eating lunch, and I honestly didn’t expect for it to impact me as much as it did.  In fact, repeating the phrase “everything is figureoutable” over and over again during our move is what kept me sane!

If you want to know what figureoutable means to Marie, watch the episode.  To me, it’s a great reminder not to freak out immediately!  Even the most challenging situation is figureoutable.  You may not like the solution, but it’s there.  Something else this word reminds me is that solutions don’t come easy, you have to work for them.  You have to figure it out – take a deep breathe, let the emotion go (with time), use your head, and take whatever action feels right to you.

This episode fell into my lap/inbox at the perfect time.  My one goal with our move to Chicago was to stay calm and not let the stress get to me.  Personally, I think I did a hell of a job…no major arguments with Vishnu, no breakouts, no tears.  Win, win win!  And trust me, the opportunities for all of those things to happen were there, I just chose not to let them get to me.  I focused on the fact that everything is figureoutable!

Everything is Figureoutable

To bring this made up word to life, I want to share two prime scenarios that come to mind.  The first had to do with packing up our car.  Vishnu was very skeptical that we could fit all of our stuff into our “tiny” sedan.  He stated this multiple times.  I, on the other hand and somewhat surprisingly, took a different view.  You guessed it – one way or another, everything would be just fine because everything is figureoutable.  I kept telling him that if things didn’t fit, we could use UPS to mail them to Chicago, we could donate them, or we could throw away some of the unessential items.  We’re two intelligent people, and together we would figure it out.  I’m not sure repeating a made up word helped Vishnu, but it did prevent us from arguing, and it did help us when space seemed so limited.  We did have to leave a few things behinds, but we were also able to bring along some things that we didn’t expect to.  It all worked out!

The second scenario where maintaining the “everything is figureoutable” mindset worked in our favor was when we actually got to Chicago and had to figure out how to get our four large suitcases and 12 boxes home from the Amtrak station.  We were unsure as to what to do because multiple trips were necessary, I had to go to work the day our stuff came in, etc.  To make a long story short, I quickly stopped the oncoming freak out, took a deep breath, and started throwing out ideas.  The one that stuck involved using Task Rabbit (this is a great service that allows you to hire people to do whatever tasks you need doing).  I suggested hiring someone with a truck to meet Vishnu at the station and help him bring our stuff home.  Lo and behold, we found someone almost immediately, and he was highly rated and very affordable.  I honestly don’t think I would’ve been able to think of this random solution without my new mindset.

I recognize that these examples are pretty minor compared to the hard stuff life often throws at us.  However, after giving it quite a bit of thought, I’m convinced that a figureoutable mindset can help us get through the toughest of times.  Like I said before, you may not like the solution, but it’s there.

Repeat after me – “Everything is “figureoutable.”

What mantra helps get you through stressful/tough times?

By Parita

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  1. It’s uncanny that you should mention this same phrase!! I just read it an hour earlier in a book, where the author referenced Marie Foleo’s mantra..I believe in the same philosophy as well – along the lines of “Where there is a will, there is a way” and another one from Gone With the Wind – “Tomorrow is Another Day..”
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