You guys!  My little sister is married…Aek and Adu SAID I do (the wedding hashtag was #aekandadusayido)!

Every single event, from the mehndi to the reception, was so much fun.  Honestly, there’s no better word to describe it.  This wedding had fun written all over it!  There was good food, laughter, dancing, late nights, and lots of beautiful emotions.

Of course, my sister looked absolutely gorgeous.  She was glowing with happiness every time I looked at her!  And Adarsh looked very handsome and had a huge smile on his face at all times.  It was just the best!

Some of my favorite moments include hanging out with my grandparents for a week before the wedding, doing garba with close friends and family, performing a dance with my sister that we choreographed in less than a week,  waking Aekta up on her wedding day and yelling “it’s wedding time!,” walking my sister down the aisle with Vishnu, watching Adarsh literally carry Aek out of the wedding hall as everyone cheered them on, watching Aekta and Adarsh be introduced as husband and wife for the first time and seeing them break it down on the dance floor as they entered the reception hall…and the list goes on!

Honestly, there’s no way to adequately describe how amazing it all was, so I’m going to stop typing and let some of the pictures speak for themselves!

Indian wedding henna party bride

Indian bride henna

Indian bridal henna

Sisters at Indian bridal henna party

Bridesmaids at Indian bridal henna party

Parents at Hindu vidhi ceremony

Aekta's wedding 018

Granddaughters at Hindu wedding vidhi ceremony with grandmother

Sister and bride at Hindu pithi vidhi ceremony

Hindu wedding vidhi ceremony - pithi

Indian bride and groom before their garba program

Family photo at Indian wedding garba program

Indian bride and her bridesmaids before wedding ceremony

Brides sister and father before Hindu wedding ceremony

Best friends at Hindu wedding ceremony

Happy couple before sister's Hindu wedding ceremony

Brother-in-law and bride before Hindu wedding ceremony

Cousins at Indian wedding reception

Family photo at Indian wedding reception

Happy couple dancing at their wedding reception

And with that, it’s time to start packing!  Wish us luck!

By Parita

8 thoughts on “Aek and Adu SAID I Do!”
  1. Looks like such an amazing time!! What great memories and time with family :). Best of luck packing!

  2. Seems like you had a great time! The couple looks so happy, and these pictures are adorable! So glad you enjoyed the special day!

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