What a fun, exciting, and exhausting weekend!

Fun and exciting because my sister graduated from medical school and is officially a doctor!  Vishnu, my parents, and I drove to Augusta for her graduation ceremony.  It was such a beautiful ceremony, and the emotion was tangible.  You could feel it in the air!  And of course, I teared up during the speeches and also when Aekta got hooded.

Being almost seven years older than Aekta, I remember 95% of all the big moments in her life.  From her first words and steps all the way to her upcoming wedding, I’ve been an active part of it all!  As we sat and waited for the ceremony to start, I thought about how Aekta knew she wanted to be a doctor from a very young age.  So this day was not only a celebration of her hard work and accomplishments over the last four years, but everything she’s done over the last 20 years to get to this point.

I also thought about everything my parents have done to support her dream.  This was such a huge day for them too!  My mom said that her and my dad have always wanted us to be more successful in life than they are, but they never dreamed that we would be so independent and strong.  That’s what brings them so much satisfaction and pride!

In a way, I’ve also played a small part in Aek’s success!  After all, I was the one who taught her how to read and write (critical skills!).  And who can forget all of the personal statement edits for both med school and residency!

Proud family at medical school graduation

Medical school graduate

Proud sister at medical school graduation

The rest of the weekend was exciting and exhausting because we literally prepped for the wedding (less than 3 weeks away!) the whole time.  We cleaned all of the bedrooms, threw away a lot of junk (I was in my happy place…my mom not so much!), and made room for all of the guests.  We also made 20 pounds of shrikhand (a sweet yogurt based dish) for the wedding weekend.  My mom and I tried on all of our outfits, picked out our jewelry, and packed everything up.  We also packed up all of my sister’s stuff.  While it doesn’t sound like we did that much, each task required a lot of attention to detail and time.  We were literally on the go from 7 am to 11 pm (or later).

I also got to spend some time with Vishnu’s parents and brother on Saturday night.  Our families got together and hung out for a few hours, which is always one of my favorite things about coming home.

And now I’m back in Florida for 10 days before I head back to Atlanta for the actual wedding!  I CAN’T WAIT!

What did get up to this weekend?

By Parita

10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Graduation Celebrations + Wedding Prep”
  1. Congrats to your sister! That’s wonderful and exciting new and even more congrats are in order for being so ready and close to the big nuptials! What an exciting time for her right now 🙂 My weekend was pretty great – my sister, BIL and nephew visited us this weekend for a friends’ wedding we all attended on Saturday night. It was so great to spend time with the Little Man and just hang out with everyone!! Wishing you and your family all the blessings in these next few weeks!! <3 xo

  2. A HUGE congrats to Aekta on her graduation – what a huge achievement and I wish her all the success in this next part of her career! The wedding too is coming up so soon – so much to celebrate!! I head back to Mumbai on Wednesday so this weekend was spent soaking up London as much as I can- fortunately the weather was on our side!
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    1. Thanks, K! You’re right, so much to celebrate!

      Hope you’re trip back to Mumbai is uneventful 🙂

  3. i just couldnt help but smile and nod when you said you are in happy place after throwing away junk, your mom not so much. i was just having the same conversation with my mom that she needs to get rid of all my old clothes and whatnot or use my room for something else but i didnt win. the wedding is almost here but seems like you guys are well prepared 🙂 i have been sleeping and eating for the most part and everyday feels like weekend for now.
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