Vishnu and I have been together for almost 11 years, and in that time, we’ve picked up quite a few things from each other.  I would venture to say that Vishnu’s much more of a foodie now because of me.  He’s also way more into deep conversations now than he was 11 years ago!  On the flip side, his laid back attitude has rubbed off on me to a degree, and I’m also much more open to trying new things because of him.

In the past 11 years, I’ve also changed my thinking around the whole quality vs. quantity debate.  And trust me, in our house, it’s often a debate!

Quality vs Quantity

Vishnu’s thought process is that quality almost always trumps quantity.  He strives to have fewer nicer things and less junk.  He’d rather spend a little extra and keep something for years versus skimp on cost and ultimately have to replace the item sooner than expected.

The old Parita had the opposite mindset.  I never gave quality a second thought because I wanted all the things.  My closet was proof of this!

Since marrying Vishnu almost four years ago, my thinking has started to shift for sure.  Now, when making a purchasing decision, I always think about quality.  However, I will argue that knowing when to spend a little more is key (because it’s not always necessary!).

If I did a little then and now analysis, the three categories that have shifted/are starting to shift for me the most would include makeup/skincare, clothing, and food.  Good quality makeup is an absolute must for me, especially anything that gets smeared on my face!  In terms of clothing, I’m still developing my sense of style (I know, it’s taken 32 years!).  When I go shopping now, I don’t buy something just because it’s on sale.  Quality plays a huge role in my decision making.  And finally food.  In my opinion, food is life, and let’s be honest, who has time for poor quality food.  Not me!

Vishnu and I have always discussed quality vs. quantity in terms of physical things, but when I thought it about some more the other day, I realized that this applies to so many other aspects of life.  For me, this thinking applies to the friendships I’m choosing to make and maintain.  I was telling Vishnu the other day that I’d rather have two really good friends over 10 okay ones.  I think most people would agree!

When you really think about it, quality plays such a huge role in our lives. From the quality of the things that surround us to the quality of the people we allow into our space to the quality of the thoughts that occupy our minds.  It’s so important!

Based on this post and what I’m sharing, I guess I’m more of a convert than I’d like to admit to my husband. 🙂

Where do you fall in the quality vs. quantity debate?

By Parita

16 thoughts on “Quality vs. Quantity”
  1. I think I am with Vishnu on this. I have mostly been Quality person, but of course when you are younger you have limited means so go make choices as per your budget, but with time I am definitely learning to save more and spend less! 🙂

    Good luck for the coming days. Moving is so exciting!

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    1. You’re right, when we’re younger sometimes we can’t make quality a top priority, but now that it’s an option (most of the time), I definitely see the benefit of going down that route versus quantity.

      And thank you! Moving is exciting and chaotic all in one, but we’re rolling with it!

  2. This comes to mind when we do furniture purchases! i used to be all about having something funky and from home goods because it means I can decorate right away….and sometimes I’m still like that. But overall, I’m with REB and I tend to stop and figure out the investment and making sure whatever we put in our home will last a long time!

    1. Yes! Vishnu and I have had long convos about our new furniture and what things we should splurge on for quality sake versus not. I think we decided that the sofa, our bed, and the TV are the things we’re willing to pay a little extra for for now.

  3. My husband and I are definitely minimalists. But in the time we’ve been married, he’s probably purchased more things than I have! I haven’t purchased an item of clothing in close to 4 months. This is not such a big deal, because I’m definitely more about quality. But I do think being married to him has caused me to second guess whether I really do need that dress that’s on sale. I hope I’ve rubbed off on him!
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    1. Nice! My shopping habits have definitely improved over the past four years.

      And I’m sure you’ve rubbed off on him!

  4. From a relationship standpoint I’m definitely quality over quantity. It’s a little harder with stuff though. Before we left for Brazil I tried so hard to minimize and now that we live in a smaller place it’s still something I work on so I don’t create clutter. But there just seems to always be something I “need” to buy. We’ll call it a work in progress… 🙂
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  5. That’s a long time! And it’s interesting that you wrote about this. I often think about how my husband and I are both different than when we first met more than 15 years ago. One thing is that I converted him to loving desserts!
    As for the debate, I used to be like you, quality over quantity and over the years, it’s been changing where I’m focussing more on quality.
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  6. I was a quantity person and currently focusing more on becoming a quality person. I still buy clothes on sale but have reduced ‘impulse’ buys. But when it comes to things like gadgets and things around the house I try to buy things that last .

    1. I used to be an impulse shopper as well. It was all about that moment and what I wanted versus what I needed in the long term.

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