Despite this weekend being super stressful and chaotic, it was a ton of fun.  We spent the majority of Friday and Saturday with our realtor looking at what felt like a million apartments.  In between all of that, we got to hang out with Aekta, Adarsh and my work friends.  And on top of that, we ate some delicious food!

It’s probably not surprising that both Vishnu and I are super exhausted and have lots on our minds, so I’m going to do something un-Parita like and keep this post super short.

With that, here’s our weekend in bullet form.

  • We found a place in Chicago!  SUCH A HUGE RELIEF!  The whole process was a lot more stressful than we thought it was going to be, but we’re happy and that’s what matters.  More to come soon!
  • The weather was horrible this weekend!  I mean, it could’ve been far worse, but it certainly didn’t feel like Spring.  Saturday was really gross.  It pretty much rained the whole day.  Cold + wet + windy does not equal the best apartment searching conditions, but we made it work.
  • We got to hang out with my sister and Adarsh quite a bit which made us really happy.  I can’t wait to see them more regularly come June!  We also got to hang out with my work friends on both Friday and Saturday night.  Over the years, Vishnu’s met my team and gotten to know them to a degree, but we’ve never really hung out in a relaxed setting (except with a few people).  Again, can’t wait for more fun nights in just a few months!
  • And finally…the food.  So much good food!

Nookies – This is a great little breakfast place in Old Town!  My sister and I shared the chilaquiles and an egg and cheese croissant sandwich.  The chilaquiles were perfection, mostly because of the creamy and rich refried beans.  We will definitely be going here again!

Little Goat Diner – This was my second time visiting this West Loop restaurant and Vishnu’s first.  I ordered the vegetarian quesadilla and was so impressed by the unique flavor combo (roasted blueberries + shaved asparagus) and crispy tortilla.  Vishnu said the sandwich he ordered was one of the best things he’s ever eaten!  This is a must try Chicago restaurant!

Kanela Breakfast Club – We had a good but not great brunch visit at this cute little restaurant.  My sister and I shared the egg + cheese + veggie bacon bagel, and we also ordered Monkey Bread for the table.  I probably won’t be going here again given that Chicago is a brunch spot haven.

Davanti Enoteca – This Italian tapas place really delivered in terms of quality and flavor. We had dinner here on Saturday night and ordered a bunch of different things for the table.  My favorite bite was the spinach and cheese ravioli coated in brown butter and egg yolk sauce.  Mmmm…

Pops for Champagne – After dinner on Saturday night, the four of us (my friend Thea, her husband Justin, Vishnu and I) walked over to this trendy champagne bar for drinks.  I took Thea’s lead and ordered the Bellini and was not disappointed!

  • Our final adventure happened at the very tail end of our trip when I mistakenly thought our flight was at 1:55 pm CST.  Ummm…no it was at 1:55 pm EST.  All I can say is thank goodness for TSA precheck, Southwest’s amazing customer service, and my husband who when I suggested that we just get on the next flight told me to run!  You guys, we literally made it with a minute to spare.  ALWAYS double check the time zone…lesson learned!

A few pics from the weekend…

Breakfast with sister and husband in Chicago

Nookies Breakfast

Cool wall in Old Town Chicago

Little Goat Diner Vegetarian Quesadilla Chicago

Davanti Enoteca Ravioli Chicago
That’s all I have today.  Have a great Monday!

What did you do and eat this weekend? 

By Parita

16 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Apartment Hunting in Chicago”
  1. Awesome that you guys found a place! Hope it’s in a neighborhood you both like 🙂 I’m gonna be nosy and ask where you found it 😀 hahaha. The weather was pretty gross in the Midwest. I hope this stuff makes a 180 and we get some spring/summer weather soon. Your pics and weekend sound fun though!
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  2. Little Goat is delicious, indeed! Try the parantha (indian inspired) and the veggie burger next time! So yummy!

    1. I tried the Indian paratha the first time I ate there. SO surprisingly GOOD! I’ll get the veggie burger next time!

    1. Thanks, Kacy! You guys should definitely visit Chicago sometime soon. So many amazing foodie spots!

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