As far as weekends go, this one was pretty great.  We had a few set plans, however, most of our time was spent in a more leisurely fashion.

Instead of revisiting every last detail like I usually do, I thought I’d share the three highlights that come to mind as I sit down to type up this post.

One — St. Pete Grand Prix

It was race weekend in St. Pete, and the the annual St. Pete Grand Prix was happening in our backyard.  Literally.  I could hear the cars zooming around all weekend…from inside our apartment.

On Friday afternoon, Vishnu, our friend Cara, and I met up with one of the doctors from the hospital and his friends to watch practice rounds.  It was such a cool experience.  We were on the 23rd floor of a condo building facing the race course.  I’m not a big race car fan, but even I got into it!

St. Pete Grand Prix 2016

We planned to go back on Sunday to watch the actual race, but Vishnu decided that boards studying was more important.  Such is life!

Two — Venice, Florida

On Saturday morning, Vishnu and I got ready and drove down to Venice, Florida to spend a few hours with our friends Jayesh and Ankita who drove up from Naples.  Vishnu and I visited Venice for our minimoon and really loved how cute and quaint the downtown area is.  Fortunately, it’s still just as nice, if not better!

We decided to meet in the middle and grab lunch at Made in Italy.  The four us shared a spinach salad and pizza – a meaty one for the guys, an eggplant one for me and Ankita, and the margarita for all of us.  The pizza was delicious and just the way I like it – a thin crust and perfectly balanced/seasoned toppings.

Pizza at Made in Italy in Venice, Florida

After lunch, we checked out the local farmer’s market, walked to the beach, and indulged in Kilwins amazing ice cream (peanut butter chocolate for me!).

I love that J&A are only a few hours away.  I just wish they had moved down sooner…like 3 years ago!

Three — House of Cards

When it comes to shows that we both LOVE, Vishnu and I are a little nuts.

A week or so ago, we decided to not watch House of Cards until after boards.  Then we said that we could watch it separately as long as we didn’t get ahead of the other person.  Well, all of that went down the drain the minute we decided to watch the first two episodes last Thursday.  In fact, by Sunday morning, we had finished ALL of the episodes.  NUTS!

In our defense, this season is incredible.  The story lines, the character development, the twists and turns.  Every single episode left you hanging and wondering what the heck would happen next.  Can’t wait for season five!!

House of Cards Season Four

Your turn – what did you get up to this weekend?!

By Parita

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Three Highlights”
  1. I loved your snaps of the race!! How cool to see that and from such a nice view! Can we take a second and talk about how delicious that pizza looks?? Glad you had a fun weekend!

    1. Totally agree. Season 3 drove me nuts because it was so off. But they definitely brought it with this season! I’m already looking forward to #5 🙂

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